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The Crafts Council Of India is having a short film contest. So all you film buffs and students who want to get into filmmaking, here’s a good chance to participate and test your skills.

Click on the play button and watch the video. All the details are there. There is cash prize of Rs 20,000 (1st), Rs 15,000 (2nd) and Rs 10,000 (3rd).


Coen Brothers latest film Inside Llewyn Davis has just released in India. The film won the Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival and has been getting rave reviews since then. If you still haven’t seen the film, here’s your chance to win tickets. And if you have seen the film and loved it, here’s your chance to win posters. We are running this contest with the help of PVR Cinemas.

For “Inside Llewyn Davis” Tickets

Just answer these 3 simple Questions. We are not looking for right answers (at least for the first two questions). We are looking for interesting answers. The more creative you can be, better is your chance of winning.

1. In Inside Llewyn Davis, why is the cat called Ulysses? (we don’t want correct wiki answers, think of a new reason and tell us)

2. If you were one of the Coens, what would you have named the cat? And why? Put your Coen cap on.

3. What’s your favourite Coens film and why. Tell us in one line.

– Mail us the answers to these 3 Questions and just write “ILD” in subject. Our mail id is

– We will be giving away free tickets everyday, for Monday-Thursday shows of the film. If the answers are really good, there is not limit to the number of tickets to be won.

– Since the film has released in just 6 cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad) so you have to in one of the cities to participate and win. For theatre listing, scroll down. If the response is good, PVR plans to release it in other cities in second week.

– For the tickets, do scroll down and check out the theatre listing. Along with your entries, do let us know your preference for the city/date/theatre/show. Give us at least 2 choices. We will try to give you the tickets for the same.

For Inside Llewyn Davis Posters

To win the film’s posters, it’s a much easy contest. If you have seen the film, then pose with your cat like Llewyn Davis. It can be from any scene of the film. If you haven’t seen the film, just google “Inside Llewyn Davis + cat”, you will see enough images. Get your cat and pose exactly like that. If you don’t have a cat, try it with your dog, parrot, dinosaur or whatever pet you have.

– Click the pic, tweet it and tag us – @NotSoSnob and @ShiladityaBora. We are not obsessed with the moronic idea of trending dumb hashtags, so not asking for the same. If you are not on twitter, mail us at with subject “ILD PIC”.

– If you don’t have a cat or dog or dinosaur or any such pet, you can try it with your or your friend’s kid or even any prop/object.

– The interesting the pic, the more creative you can be, the closer it looks like Inside Llewyn Davis pose, better is your chance of winning the poster.

– For any queries or doubts, comment here or write to us at

– Thanks to PVR Cinemas for getting the film here and for the contest.

And even if you don’t win tickets, don’t miss this film. Click here for our recco post on the film and click here for a terrific review of the film by A O Scott.


Ok, 50K might not be huge prize money. But there is  the “plus”  factor. So, here it is all – A well known production house and a well respected filmmaker  are looking for 3 mins short films. Plus your film will reach the audience and will be presented by the production house/filmmaker.

What kind of film ? Any genre will do. A film that you will love to watch and will force your friends to watch too! A film that you think people will download! Yes, “download” is the key word. Language – Hindi (thoda bahut angrezi bhi chalega the way we speak).

The official announcement will be made by June end. And there is a bigger plan too. But we are looking for few shorts even before the official announcement.

So, if you have made a short film that you would like to submit, do put it online, mail us the online link plus your contact details to . Who knows, the official announcement might be done with the release of your  short! And though we are just the messenger, will make sure that we post every possible info about it!  So, run lola run! We are waiting and how! And yes, do spread the word!

Can someone please tell Ramu that you cant fool everyone all the time. You surely can make a joke of yourself by making one stupid film after another and still talking and giving gyaan like a Gyaan Guru. Get that GG avatar out of your heard, sir!

As if making horrible films is not a crime, Ram Gopal Varma has gone a step further. Ram Gopal Varma has always been Ram Gimmick Varma and he is still trying his luck with it.

For Phoonk, they ran a contest daring people to watch it in the theatre alone. Rules and regulations were not clear. And nobody knows what happened finally. Who watched, how, where, when. There were allegations that it was rigged. No answers.

Ramu did something similar for Agyaat too. It was a short film contest where it was announced that the winner will get to direct a film. We had put out a post on the same and when readers asked about the winner we had no clue. It seems no winner was announced and there were no prizes. Everything remained Agyaat! And here is the comment posted on our blog by one of the participants…

Has RGV become a fraud? This contest is a fraud on indian public. If u write on his blog asking about contest, ur comment will be DELETED. Try it urself. If makin bad films was not enuf he’s now cheating public with fake contest. That man has lost all sense of shame.

Ram Gimmick Varma is back again! For Phoonk 2. We would suggest, DONT trust the man and his gimmicks. But if you still want to, here is the official release on the contest.

The PHOONK 2 Scare Contest

• Before the release of “PHOONK” we had challenged that if any viewer could dare to see the film sitting all alone in a theatre and not run out scared he will get a Cash Prize of Rs.5 Lakhs.

• The contestant who took the challenge didn’t even last for 30mins and ran out of the theatre.

• After the release, some people alleged that the contest was rigged (Huh! Is it a way to admit it ? ) and that they never felt fear while watching the film. So now without going into a pointless argument on the same, we the Phoonk 2 team have decided to open ourselves to a scientific evaluation of that claim.

• For “PHOONK 2” we are going to implement our Contest in a very scientific way as never ever done before in the history of Cinema anywhere across the World. The viewer who will claim that he is not going to get scared will be fitted with a ECG machine while he is watching Phoonk 2 which will monitor his Heartbeat and Pulse rate and this will be shown live on a screen outside the theatre to both the Media and all concerned.

• A normal person according to professionals has a certain average heartbeat and when subjected to any kind of an intense emotion the beats will considerably go up. So if the challenger claims that he had no fear while watching Phoonk 2 the monitor will tell whether he is lying or not and on the other hand if he can control his fear and thereby his heartbeat and not let it cross his normal heartbeat then he will get to win the cash prize.

• The PHOONK 2 Team DARES any viewer to take this Challenge and watch PHOONK 2.

• We intend to launch the contest on 10th March on our official website . This contest is Restricted to only healthy people with no history of Cardiac disease and also only to people who are between 18 and 60 years of age.

• The contest will be open for people across INDIA and based on a computerized random draw people will be shortlisted, who then further will have to give a medical indemnification for further selection by our team and a medical professional who will eventually single out the final Challenger to be subjected to the test. The Challengers normal heartbeat will be recorded before and while the screening is happening. We will also make sure that the contestant is actually watching the film without closing his eyes by shooting him Live through a night vision camera and showing his facial expressions to the media and all concerned on a screen outside the theatre. If at all he wins this challenge he will be awarded the Prize money right at the Venue in front of everybody.

PS: For any unforeseen situations an Ambulance will be on standby at the Theatre to monitor the contestants.

Phhonk 2 is directed by Milind Gadagkar and stars Sudeep, Neeru Bajwa, Amruta Khanvilkar and Ahsaas Channa. The film is releasing on 9th April 2010

Here is a first look of two new posters of Ram Gopal Varma’s Agyaat.











We really like the first one. Do let us know which one you prefer.

For Agyaat’s story/plot/synopsis, click here. And for Agyaat Short film contest, click here for all the details.

As promised in our last post on Agyaat Contest, we are back with all the details about the contest. Ramu’s new film Agyaat is ready for release and to promote the film, he is doing this unique contest. Basically you have to shoot a short and scare, surprise or shock Ramu, and if you manage to do so, you can get a break. Read on. This is from Ramu’s facebook post.

ram-gopal-varmaWell if you see the location and concept of Agyaat. Why I wanted to make Agyaat is because I was always fascinated with making thrillers, that’s because I think thrillers give you the opportunity to use the medium more effectively than any other genre. Like using background score, to sound, to camera movements, to editing patterns… you can experiment alot.

And it’s watching thrillers all the time when I was a teenager that I really learnt whatever craft I’ve of film making. And I never believe that one needs to be an assistant director or go to an institute to understand the craft. I believe you must have a passion to tell a story , you need to have a clarity to explain to the actors and the concerned technicians about what is it exactly you want in a given shot.

Also, at the point when I became a director two years back there were no film tools available to anyone. So, it forced people to either become assistant directors or join an institute. but today that is not the case, any one with a digi-cam and laptop can make a film. Technology has given so much of freedom.

So in context to that, I just have this idea. Like I had an opportunity and I got a break and I could make a film. And I’m sure without any training and any access to the film industry plenty of you guys will arrive better than me but don’t have an access to the film industry.

WHAT  :  Agyaat Contest.

DURATION : If you can make a film in duration of may be probably between 10 seconds to 2mins or whatever. A SHORT FILM! And you send it for the Agyaat Short Film contest.

PRIZE : And whichever film is selected the best by us, me ( Ramu ) and UTV that is. Both me and UTV will make a short film, produce a short film and you will be the director of the movie.

So this is a great opportunity especially if you are interested in the genre. Again I want to stress that it is thriller genre that you can really catch because you don’t really need a story. You don’t need a beggining and an end. You can just attempt to create a moment out of nothing. Just in a shot.

It could intrigue you, it could scare you or surprise you or shock you…. What ever the emotion… It has to create one emotion and after that it is YOUR FILM!

All you have to do is enter the AGYAAT SHORT FILM contest!

WHERE : Upload it on the internet and send the link to Or Post it on a cd/dvd addressed to Aasif Ahmed, UTV Motion Pictures, 1181-82, Solitare Corporate , Guru Hargovindji Marg, Chakala, Andheir E, Mumbai – 400 093

LAST DATE : No details so far. We will try to get it and post it here. Updated : You have to submit the short film before 17th July 2009, the day Agyaat releases. We have been informed in the comments section ( by some soul called RGV, real or fake ?, who cares! the date is more important)  as well as by others about the date. Update 16/06 – We got to know today that the last date is 10th July, 2009.

So get your cameras rolling soon! All the best.

ram-gopal-varmaThough numerology sounds a big joke to us but if given a chance, we would like to change RGV’s name. From Ram Gopal Varma to Ram Gimmick Varma. Because the man is always upto some gimmick. And here is the new one.

His last gimmick for Phoonk worked out well, giving him the much needed hit. Though many questions regarding the Phoonk contest were left unanswered. It was the same with Darna Zaroori Hai contest.

This time its about Agyaat. Before he scares you, he is asking you to scare him. Its a contest to promote the film. You can shoot a short film and upload it on Agyaat’s website. If it manages to shock or scare him, you will get a chance to make a horror film for UTV and Ramu.

Its just an announcement so far. We are waiting for the exact details. How, when, where, dates….will post it soon. But knowing his past record, we will trust the “Agyaat” but not RGV!