Agyaat Contest – shoot a short, scare, surprise or shock Ramu and get a break!

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As promised in our last post on Agyaat Contest, we are back with all the details about the contest. Ramu’s new film Agyaat is ready for release and to promote the film, he is doing this unique contest. Basically you have to shoot a short and scare, surprise or shock Ramu, and if you manage to do so, you can get a break. Read on. This is from Ramu’s facebook post.

ram-gopal-varmaWell if you see the location and concept of Agyaat. Why I wanted to make Agyaat is because I was always fascinated with making thrillers, that’s because I think thrillers give you the opportunity to use the medium more effectively than any other genre. Like using background score, to sound, to camera movements, to editing patterns… you can experiment alot.

And it’s watching thrillers all the time when I was a teenager that I really learnt whatever craft I’ve of film making. And I never believe that one needs to be an assistant director or go to an institute to understand the craft. I believe you must have a passion to tell a story , you need to have a clarity to explain to the actors and the concerned technicians about what is it exactly you want in a given shot.

Also, at the point when I became a director two years back there were no film tools available to anyone. So, it forced people to either become assistant directors or join an institute. but today that is not the case, any one with a digi-cam and laptop can make a film. Technology has given so much of freedom.

So in context to that, I just have this idea. Like I had an opportunity and I got a break and I could make a film. And I’m sure without any training and any access to the film industry plenty of you guys will arrive better than me but don’t have an access to the film industry.

WHAT  :  Agyaat Contest.

DURATION : If you can make a film in duration of may be probably between 10 seconds to 2mins or whatever. A SHORT FILM! And you send it for the Agyaat Short Film contest.

PRIZE : And whichever film is selected the best by us, me ( Ramu ) and UTV that is. Both me and UTV will make a short film, produce a short film and you will be the director of the movie.

So this is a great opportunity especially if you are interested in the genre. Again I want to stress that it is thriller genre that you can really catch because you don’t really need a story. You don’t need a beggining and an end. You can just attempt to create a moment out of nothing. Just in a shot.

It could intrigue you, it could scare you or surprise you or shock you…. What ever the emotion… It has to create one emotion and after that it is YOUR FILM!

All you have to do is enter the AGYAAT SHORT FILM contest!

WHERE : Upload it on the internet and send the link to Or Post it on a cd/dvd addressed to Aasif Ahmed, UTV Motion Pictures, 1181-82, Solitare Corporate , Guru Hargovindji Marg, Chakala, Andheir E, Mumbai – 400 093

LAST DATE : No details so far. We will try to get it and post it here. Updated : You have to submit the short film before 17th July 2009, the day Agyaat releases. We have been informed in the comments section ( by some soul called RGV, real or fake ?, who cares! the date is more important)  as well as by others about the date. Update 16/06 – We got to know today that the last date is 10th July, 2009.

So get your cameras rolling soon! All the best.

  1. RGV says:

    The last date is before the film’s release 17th July 2009.

  2. sachin says:

    are you sure about the last date ? please check @ the official link-

    once you open the page press – ctrl+A

    text is hidden

    they have mentioned over there – contest shall run from 5/6/9 till TBA. what’s TBA ?

  3. moifightclub says:

    @sachin – TBA is Too Be Announced. when they put it out that time the last day wasnt locked. we r sure about it cz we got to know abt it from official sources.

  4. sachin says:

    ok.thanks for reply.

    one thing, these guys don’t seems serious at all.
    I have sent them email asking the query regarding the last date for submission. even after 2-3 mails there is no reply from their side.
    I feel strongly that its just another publicity stunt and people are going to waste their efforts.

    i have decided not to waste my energy.. all the best to others who still want to continue….

  5. Kaam Chor says:

    Well the quitters r the first losers in the race…u dont even deserve ur own name as Sachin…

    its an awareness campaign abt making a thriller clip than a film or a publicity stunt…

    there is more publicity in paying channels to run the promos or to paste hoardings across cities than give u (a loser) a chance

    now just take ur tail and leave without a trail

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  7. davis john says:

    plz let me know the last date…. also plz advice can i send over the story alone>

  8. Abhijeet says:

    Last Date is 23 July.

    Reference : TV commercial that played on NDTV Showbiz(might be showing even now).


    thanks guys for ur ideas and suggestions, so we hope the last date of submission is 17th july thanks smile always

  10. prasad says:

    hello can you show the results of rgv contest. we are waiting to see all those short films…………

  11. Nayeem says:



    Pls read the review of my short movie THE HAUNTED!9F51F98FD77824C7!505.entry

  12. drona says:

    can you tell us abt result of this contest please? film has relesed but no result yet…pls use ur ‘official sources’…thx

  13. Abhinav says:

    Waiting for result…
    till then see and tell me ur comment abt my video”Don’t watch alone in drk”
    That ‘ll be my prize if i get ur precious suggestions or appreciation

  14. amar says:

    has rgv become a fraud? this contest is a fraud on indian public. if u write on his blog asking about contest, ur comment will be DELETED. try it urself. if makin bad films was not enuf he’s now cheating public with fake contest.
    that man has lost all sense of shame

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