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anurag kashyapThe name is Kashyap. Anurag Kashyap. He talks the talks much more than walking the talks. But unlike others, he walks too. And this walking and talking has made him the poster boy of indie, intelligent and daring cinema of bollywood. 

The man is much smarter than the filmmaker. He has sold himself, his life, his stories, his thoughts and ofcourse his cinema too. With Dev D’s commercial success, he has proved that intelligent doesnt mean only flop. Now his name symbolises not just his films. Anurag Kashyap, is a brand of cinema now which has a cult following. His  fanboys may be much less in number compared to Shah Rukh Khan’s fans but then how many directors even manages to have fanboys! And his fans can be anything but they cant afford to be dumb. After all, you have to love No Smoking to begin with.

Kashyap will soon be seen presenting True Stories, a film series on real life stories that inspired films, on Fox’s History and Entertainment Channel. Here is the promo for the same. Its looks exciting and we will catch it for sure. But much more interesting is Kashyap in different get ups. Black, white, grey, with and without tie, with and without topi, he looks uncomfortable, and we are ROFL everytime we play the video. Enjoy!

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ranbir imran cutUnlike others, we dont like to shout out from rooftops that we told you so! But we did. About Karan Johar’s new film starring Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. You can check out the post here. Mid-day has got more details about the film.

It seems the film will be on the lines of Hollywood’s High School Musical. Both Imran and Ranbir will play their age and it will be a yuppie romantic story. After My Name Is Khan, Karan wants to direct something light. So back to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai days!

The actresses opposite Imran and Ranbir has not been finalised yet.  Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor are being considered. We will keep you posted.