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If there is something called Bollywood Bravery Award, hand it to Kangna Ranaut this year. Because not many actors in bollywood would dare to do so. And its more gutsy if its coming from someone like Kangna, who is single, working and without a godfather in the big bad bollywood! We love her! It might be good publicity for her official website/blog , but its still a brave step. Here is the direct link to the blogpost.

Compare it to Amitabh Bachchan’s blog, whose non stop ramblings appear almost everyday. But he has no confessions to make. Just political correctness. Nothing personal to share. Its all oooh-i-love-my-EF’s…extended family… on and on. Whats the point of having a blog if you cant open up and write honestly.  And knowing his track record, we can bet that he will never write on any controversial issue of his life.

The news of Kangna Ranaut’s split with her boyfreind Adhyayan Suman is already out. But to make it official on the blog, it hasnt happened before. We are loving it! Now thats what you call Bold & Beautiful!

We are starting a new feature – Bolly Jokes. We will share the jokes and smses doing the rounds in the industry. With the strike finally over, new promos & songs are back on tv channels. And here is a sms joke that we received from a sound designer who is working on a Khan film. Here it is… 

new yorkQ. Where do you get a bundle of woods ?

A. Jungle

Q. Where do you get a bundle of three good looking woods ?

A. New York!

Hahahahahehehehhhoohohohhoho. We could not agree more. One has dimpled cheeks, other one has milky white complexion and third one is Barbie doll! And all three have one thing in common – zero expressions. In such a horrible siuation, we were desperately looking for a reason to watch New York starring John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif. The film is directed by Kabir Khan ( Kabul Express). We finally found it – Irfan Khan. Yes, he also stars in the film. We had no clue till we saw the full page ad of New York in the newspapers today where they have put Irfan Khan alongwith the other stars. So is Irfan Khan in YRF’s A-Club now ? 

My Name is Khan – Shah Rukh Khan’s new film is being shot at San Francisco these days. The film is directed by Karan Johar and also stars Kajol in it. Here is Shah Rukh Khan’s look in the film and some on location pics. enjoy!

neilFor those of you who are interested to know more about Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail, we have got the synopsis of the film. The film stars Neil Nitin Mukesh. Though we dont care much, neither for the director nor for the actor. We are sure about one thing. Its gonna be one more Bhandarkarism expose!

Here goes Jail’s plot/story/synopsis :

The Protagonist Parag Dixit was the King of his own World…

A great job, a lovely house, a lovelier girlfriend Maansi. A night out with friends at some suburban watering hole after a hard day’s job, life just couldn’t get better for him.

Speed… that’s what Parag’s life was all about and a certain impatience that came with it, to get on with the next step of life when a sudden veer thrown up by Fate destroys Parag’s utopia. A rude shock from which he recovers only to find himself in a lockup; handcuffs slapped on his wrists, answering Cops, infrequently getting slapped or rammed in the stomach. All he can remember is his Mother’s worried face and his Girlfriend’s trying to be brave but failing. Everything else was a blur, confused visuals, sounds emotions, events.

Parag Dixit was now in Jail.

A place far removed from reality. A system that functions on its own rules, not so easy to comply. For some it is a life worse than hell. Everything here is taken for granted, including one’s crime, Parag was now surrounded by the dregs of society. He is now a numbed soul… zombied, blank, unmoved… the new entrant to Barrack number 2 and its mini world within… a clear misfit and sitting target for anyone who had anything against clean cut, good looking, upper middle class boys… it’s a nightmare that’s only just begun … compounded by dirty, crowded spaces, inedible food, hostile cellmates, angry Policemen and weird rules of the place….no one believed Parag would survive this, for even a day except for Nawaab, the Resident Supervising Convict (Warder) who believed in two things – one that Parag was innocent and another that his inner integrity would see him through.

From the comfort of his numbness, Parag slowly steps out to actually see and understand the world around him…the world of arrests, court cases, pending cases, years of waiting, broken hearts, shattered souls. Some sad people in search of hope and those who had found their happiness within the four walls too… slowly Parag lets himself feel the helplessness and the anger… rebelling, questioning, hurting himself to gradually learn to accept his Fate and begin to find a steely resolve within.

Why should he accept the helplessness that the system forces upon you when there were those for whom Jail was just an inconvenience, their powers not diminished by a degree and whose hawk eyes were constantly scanning for souls that could be broken in…? Souls like Parag, who were willing to accept any answer that seemed to quieten his questioning mind.

What begins now is a race to the finish between the powerful forces of the place that can offer Parag his freedom and Nawaab’s friendship that can only offer Faith and Hope.

In the end what would you choose…Freedom or Hope?

Exploring life’s tough choices through Parag Dixit’s journey, Jail is a complex fabric of human emotions that is eventually a metaphor for life itself. 

Sounds like Shawshank Redemption ? WTF!! Bhandarkar and Redemption ??!! We would love to commit suicide before it happens.

And in case if you are interested to know more about Neil Nitin Mukesh’s nude scene in the film which is making the headlines, click here and here.