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We are starting a new feature – Bolly Jokes. We will share the jokes and smses doing the rounds in the industry. With the strike finally over, new promos & songs are back on tv channels. And here is a sms joke that we received from a sound designer who is working on a Khan film. Here it is… 

new yorkQ. Where do you get a bundle of woods ?

A. Jungle

Q. Where do you get a bundle of three good looking woods ?

A. New York!

Hahahahahehehehhhoohohohhoho. We could not agree more. One has dimpled cheeks, other one has milky white complexion and third one is Barbie doll! And all three have one thing in common – zero expressions. In such a horrible siuation, we were desperately looking for a reason to watch New York starring John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif. The film is directed by Kabir Khan ( Kabul Express). We finally found it – Irfan Khan. Yes, he also stars in the film. We had no clue till we saw the full page ad of New York in the newspapers today where they have put Irfan Khan alongwith the other stars. So is Irfan Khan in YRF’s A-Club now ? 

Shah Rukh Khan’s sms to KKR

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srk-chak-deShah Rukh Khan is a bitter man these days. And if gossipmongers are to be believed, he is a man who cant digest defeat, onscreen or on field. After the disastrous performance of KKR ( Kolkata Knight Riders) and the daily doses by fakeiplplayer, Shah Rukh Khan is trying to forget it all and move on. Here is the sms that he sent out to KKR team mebers, fultoo Kabir Khan style!

Today’s Bombay Times & HT Cafe has published the sms of Shah Rukh Khan. If you missed it, here it is.

We try… we run… we jump… we fail… we attack… we fall… we rise… we hope… we wish… we go high… we go fast… we go slow… we go low… sports is such a great leveller.

You just can’t wish away your losses. I always believe something good lies within every bad moment… only as yet I can’t see the good, except that these defeats have bonded the whole KKR family closer. Have heard all the criticism about the team with sadness… the bad management… selling the business… removing players… none of which are true. As much as the kids are criticised, I guess a parent can’t dislike them. So I stand here… a bit alone… feeling responsible to all the sponsors for having let them down. I also stand with a huge resolve to set this straight as soon as possible. I also stand by my team feeling for them because I have seen them completely helpless at things going so wrong… only I don’t feel it as strongly as they all feel losing on the field… day after day. I love them even more now than I did before.

We accept our defeats… but accepting defeats does not mean we have lost… it means we accept the truth that we haven’t done our best… or our best is not good enough… it means we have something to look forward to… there is a whole area of this sport that we can conquer if we improve. There is no greater feeling than the fact that we can do better at something. There is something to look forward to… there is a positive desire when we wake up in the morning.

I love to win… but you can only love winning if you hate losing enough. I guess KKR has now reached the stage where we are hating to lose… we are disgusted with losses… and the only way to change is to go out and win. I also believe that all the criticism about us is coming true. It’s right for people to not like our team… it’s also in our hands to change that.

We very seldom get the chance to write our own destinies. The way of Allah is that He takes you down so much for you to realise that within all the losses lies the opportunity to correct them. That is the positive in losing so much. From the bottom the only way out is to look upwards. We can either blame everything else and lie there or blame ourselves and rectify our mistakes… our follies. At the bottom we lose our faith in God… it is made so… because God wants us to lose faith in Him and have faith in yourself. Unless you believe in yourself you can’t even believe in God… because we are His most loved creation. So the way forward is to believe in ourselves… believe in the good we can do for ourselves… believe in getting ourselves out of this rut.

Just believe. I believe therefore I am. I believe therefore we will be… I believe therefore God will be with us… I believe therefore we will be back. Korbo, lorbo, jeetbo.

PS: … and stop dropping the catches… that will help!!

Wooohooo…this must be the longest sms that we have read in our entire life. If only the KKR guys could play such long innings!