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We are sick! Really sicko bastards (ok, we prefer to be called Inglorious Basterds IB )! Why ? Well, otherwise how do you explain the fact that we are sharing Shiney Ahuja jokes. Here are two sms jokes that we received, one from a writer friend and other from an EP. If you belong to the same IB Club, read on.

Q. Whats Shiney Ahuja’s favourite song these days ?

A. Maid In India, Maid In India…Yeh dil chahe bas ek Maid In India!

Q. What’s Shiney’s sexual preference – Straight, Gay or Bisexual ?

A. He is now Bai-sexual!

We got one in our mail box, from a reader.

Q. If Sudhir Mishra teams up with Shiney Ahuja again, what will be the title of the film ?

A. Hazaroon Khwashein Waisi

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Here is a new sms bolly joke that we received from a rather sober director, he is at the IIFA Awards Macau. He is planning to pick up an IIFA Awards next year. The joke is his strategy and he says he is serious about it. This one is IIFA Special. His sms follows….

Q. How can one win an IIFA Award ?

A. Its simple. You hav to be “B” or “F-O-B”.

We got what “B” stands for but “F-O-B” ?? We messaged back – What is FOB ?

A. FOB stands for “Friends Of Bachchans” or “Foes Of Baadshah”. Both apply – whatever works for you!

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We are starting a new feature – Bolly Jokes. We will share the jokes and smses doing the rounds in the industry. With the strike finally over, new promos & songs are back on tv channels. And here is a sms joke that we received from a sound designer who is working on a Khan film. Here it is… 

new yorkQ. Where do you get a bundle of woods ?

A. Jungle

Q. Where do you get a bundle of three good looking woods ?

A. New York!

Hahahahahehehehhhoohohohhoho. We could not agree more. One has dimpled cheeks, other one has milky white complexion and third one is Barbie doll! And all three have one thing in common – zero expressions. In such a horrible siuation, we were desperately looking for a reason to watch New York starring John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif. The film is directed by Kabir Khan ( Kabul Express). We finally found it – Irfan Khan. Yes, he also stars in the film. We had no clue till we saw the full page ad of New York in the newspapers today where they have put Irfan Khan alongwith the other stars. So is Irfan Khan in YRF’s A-Club now ?