Bolly Jokes – IIFA Special 14/06/09

Posted: June 14, 2009 by moifightclub in Bolly Jokes, bollywood, etc, gossipmongers
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Here is a new sms bolly joke that we received from a rather sober director, he is at the IIFA Awards Macau. He is planning to pick up an IIFA Awards next year. The joke is his strategy and he says he is serious about it. This one is IIFA Special. His sms follows….

Q. How can one win an IIFA Award ?

A. Its simple. You hav to be “B” or “F-O-B”.

We got what “B” stands for but “F-O-B” ?? We messaged back – What is FOB ?

A. FOB stands for “Friends Of Bachchans” or “Foes Of Baadshah”. Both apply – whatever works for you!

We could not agree more! Write to us if you got more bolly jokes. Our email id is

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