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Michael Jackson

Strange are the ways of this world. And stranger are the ways of the Censor Board in India.

According to this DNA report, there are nine censor cuts in Akshay Kumar-Kareena Kapoor starrer Kambakht Ishq.  And one cut is because of the crotch. In one of the songs, there is a shot of a dancer who looks at his own crotch. Censor Board doesn’t like it, even though one can’t see what he sees. One has to guess it seems. Now who doesn’t know what lies beneath! But according to the Censor Board its not for public viewing and so snip! View your crotch only in private.

WTF! Jacko can grab his crotch in full public view and dance all around the world. And here in India, an extra can’t even look down. Forget about grabbing it. Govinda, Prabhu deva & Chiranjeevi could only place their hands at the right place (or was it little above ? at the waistline ? ) and move it. Nobody dared to grab it like Jacko did and made it world famous too!

Monica BediWe are not joking. Those of you who follow us regularly, know it. But why would Universal Music go for Monica Bedi and make her sing punjabi prayers and do chanting? Of all the people, Monica Bedi ? What an idea sirjee!! Its a punjabi prayer album called Ek Onkaar.

We can understand Monica Bedi’s reasons for doing it. Desperate  times call for desperate measures. And an overweight purse is always good. It seems she went to a local gurudwara to train herself.

Monica Bedi oldBut from one extreme to other! We understand or atleast pretend to understand that she is also a human being and may be trying her best to forget her past. But we are not Ghajini’s Aamir Khan! Our memory is too sharp. We take time to forget things and more so if its all about skimpy clothes. We are just bastards (okay, we prefer Inglorious Bastards). Do let us know which Monica you prefer, old or the new ?