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13 Tzameti

               +                 Intacto                   


=    Luck              

Thats what the buzz is! And trust us, its all true. If you dissect Luck scene by scene, its called plagiarism! Only difference is its bollywoodised (or say bastardised ) version of the two. In Sanjay Gupta style, Luck will be all dhoom dhaam zhoop zhaap! Its directed by Soham Shah ( Kaal ) and stars Sanjay Dutt, Imran Khan, Shruti Hasan (debut film), Mithun Chakraborty and Danny Denzongpa.

Some sequences are straight lift from 13 Tzameti and Intacto. Remember the famous spine chilling bulb sequence of 13 Tzameti. The concept has been completely plagiarised, without the bulb.

13 Tzameti is an absolute favourite of ours and its was directed by Gela Babluani when he was only 26 years old! If you havent seen the film yet, you need to watch it now! Don’t miss it. BTW, here is the scene that we are talking about.


The best thing about blogs – we got no censors! And for publicity, the filmwalahs would do anything. The publicists of Pankh leaked out this nude pic of Maradona Rebello. Its a still from the film. Censor Board has not passed the scene and it has been edited out. So all you folks who have been googling Mardona Rebello Nude – here it is! Have a look.

(PIC removed on request)

The story of Pankh is similar to the story of child actor Ahsaas Channa (remember the kid in Ramu’s Vastu Shastra/Phoonk….she is not she, we mean, he is always dressed up as a girl. His dad filed a case against the mother for exploiting Ahsaas. For dressing him up as a girl to get more work in films. Nobody had any clue about his gender till the matter reached court)

In similar way, Pankh is about a boy who is treated as a girl by his mother since childhood and how he becomes confused with his sexuality as he grows up. It stars Bipasha Basu, Lilette Dubey, Mahesh Manjrekar and Maradona Rebello in lead role. The film is directed by debutant Sudipto Chattopadhyay and is produced by Sanjay Gupta’s White Feather Films.