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raakhHere is a good and bad news about Raakh! mixed emotions ?

 First, the bad one. Accoring to this TOI report, Aamir Khan doesnt support the re-release of Raakh, which is all set to be in theatres again on June 12th. So he is completely detached from the film’s promotion and release. Aamir has no grudge with its re-release but the problem is the time of the release. He thinks that the producer is being opportunist by releasing it now, as the strike between producers-multiplex is still on. For a generation which has grown up only hearing about the film, we think its a great idea to release it for the big screen!

Now the good news. Aditya Bhattacharya, who made Raakh at the age of 25, is working on its sequel. It may be bilingual or just in english and will be shot in USA. Bhattacharya is clear about one thing – in the sequel, there will be no actors from the original Raakh.

Agyaat – theatrical trailer

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In case you missed it, has got the theatrical trailer of Ramu’s Agyaat. Enjoy!

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And if you want to know the story/plot of Agyaat, click here. And for more Agyaat clips, click here.

kites11First, the not so exclusive news : Kites is 3 hours long! Ok, 2 hours and 50 minutes to be precise! Like us, if the multiplex-distributors’ strike has also made you desperate to step into the theatre to watch any new release (exception – Kal Kisne Dekha doesnt count, even if we get free tickets…we have seen its “kal“) then get ready to be compensated soon, atleast with the duration. Because its three hours of Hrithik Roshan singing, dancing, jumping, kissing and everything possible. After all, its produced by Papa Rakesh Roshan. 

And now the exclusive one : Kites scored a Big “zero” at the Cannes Film Festival. But its a gutsy story! The name justifies it all. BIG pictures, big film, big stars, big film festival and a big zero. So Papa Roshan alongwith beta Hrithik Roshan, director Anurag Basu, Barbara Mori and Amit Khanna (Big Pictures) landed up at Cannes to promote the film. Now, why would you go to an international platform like Cannes and make a fool of yourself ? What will they say – From the makers of Krazzy4 ? And how they paid 2cr for plagiarising a song! Dont believe us, take a look at its promo.

Is there anything exciting about it ? (Barbara doesnt count if you think she is hot) Doesnt it look like Dhoom1 meets Dhoom2 ? Hollywood churns out movies with this kind of action almost every year, and nobody keeps the count. So who would get impressed with such a trailer ? They tried hard to sell the film. Met five big international distributors and everyone rejected the film. All five. No interest, no buyer. Cannes result = zero.

BTW, Rakesh Roshan was really hoping for a big international deal because lot of it is in spanish! Ahh…if only someone could tell him that they have seen this kind of stuff ages ago! Its may be first for him, or his beta!

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