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Jab We MetThe season of the sequels is back, with a good news and a bad one.Singh is King

Imtiaz Ali is planning a sequel to Jab We Met. What will happen to Geet and Aditya post-marriage ? Nothing is confirmed yet. Its just an idea. Or may be its a PR-driven feature to have some more buzz for Love Aaj Kal. For the full report, click here.

And the bad news. Remember Shit is King. Producer Vipul Shah is planning to make a sequel and plans to direct it himself. The first one was directed by Anees Bazmee. Happy Singh with Nappy Singh jokes will be back, in a different setting.

The rumour has been doing the rounds since last few weeks. We confirmed it, and think that its good time to get the cat out of the bag finally. Its Dostana days in bollywood! No, we are not talking about sequeal to K JO’s production, but its the story that has moved from reel to real life.

Lets call the actors “A” and “B”. And they have one great thing in common – they cant act! “A” started his career in advertising, moved to modelling and got into bollywood. On talent card, “A” scores three points – 1. dimple cheeks 2. sexy bum and 3. great body which looks good on bikes! ( And a sexy bong babe as girlfriend, but this cant be on talent card)

“B” belongs to a filmy family. On talent card, “B” score is 0.5 so far. Only for his debut film. And interestingly the title of his debut film has “A”‘s name in it!Ahh, is that luck, love or luck for fuck ? Next came a thriller with an inviting title which nobody bothered to check out. And it had  “A”‘s girlfriend opposite him.

If gossipmongers are to be believed, “A” and “B” came quite close during the outdoor shoot of a film. And its not brotherly love! Its much more than that. We got it confirmed from few designers who keep track of all those hot bods who are willing to swing the other way. Who would like to miss such a chance! Btw, the film is produced by a big banner and is ready for release.

raakhHere is a good and bad news about Raakh! mixed emotions ?

 First, the bad one. Accoring to this TOI report, Aamir Khan doesnt support the re-release of Raakh, which is all set to be in theatres again on June 12th. So he is completely detached from the film’s promotion and release. Aamir has no grudge with its re-release but the problem is the time of the release. He thinks that the producer is being opportunist by releasing it now, as the strike between producers-multiplex is still on. For a generation which has grown up only hearing about the film, we think its a great idea to release it for the big screen!

Now the good news. Aditya Bhattacharya, who made Raakh at the age of 25, is working on its sequel. It may be bilingual or just in english and will be shot in USA. Bhattacharya is clear about one thing – in the sequel, there will be no actors from the original Raakh.

Mr India 2 – details

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Bollywoodhungama’s Devansh Patel has done a long interview with screenwriter Kamlesh Pandey. Though he hasnt revealed much details about the sequel but Kamlesh has spoken about the plans for Mr India 2 (Mr India’s sequel), how they are going about it and about his interactions with Shekhar Kapoor ( director of Mr India).

Here is the link to the interview. Do read.