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The first look of Jahnu Barua’s new film Har Pal is out. It seems like a strange film now as all the three leads of the film are missing in action. Preity Zinta in hiding after mess with Ness, Shiney Ahuja in not so shiny jail and Isha Koppikar has almost vanished. Jahnu Barua’s last hindi film was Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara.

Har Pal

Har Pal2

And the credit goes to Shiney Ahuja. Kanti Shah ? Shiney Ahuja ?

RapeWhat ? You don’t know Kanti Shah ? Never heard of Kanti Shah !! He is the director who made the cult classic Gunda. If you are a cinema buff, Kanti Shah’s Gunda is a must watch. Lambu Ata, Pote, Chutiya, Ibu Hatela, Bulla, Bachubhai Bhigona – they are all legends. The film is rated 8.0 out of 10 on IMDB

Now, the Shiney Ahuja connection. Indiafm has done an interview with Kanti Shah where he Chamak - The Shinyhas confirmed that his new film Rape is inspired by Shiney Ahuja’s rape case. And it has the hero raping the heroine. 

 And there is more. One more R-grade film is inspired by the same case. Its titled Chamak – The Shiny.  The film exposes the darker side of Bollywood, how people are exploited for roles in the films. Oh yeh, we are waiting! Gimme R-ed! Gimme more!

BTW, for all of you who havent seen Gunda yet, here is a scene from the film. Munni meri behan Munni! Enjoy!

It seems the world is full of people who belong to IB Club. Sickos like us, the Inglorious Bastard Club. Because we thought we were the only ones making jokes on Shiney Ahuja and his infamous case – rape of his maid! And now there are some more jokes floating around. Enjoy!

What does Shiney Ahuja like to ride the most?


What is the favourite bedroom line of Shiney Ahuja?

Good Bai!

Who is Shiney Ahuja’s favourite football player?

Bai Chung Bhutia

What kind of food does Shiney Ahuja like?

Home Maid

Which song did Shiney Ahuja sing with N’Sync?

Bai Bai Bai

Why did Shiney Ahuja hang out with Snoop Dog??

To make rape music

What disease is Shiney Ahuja suffering from ?

Shwiney Flu

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Anu AhujaShe has come out in public in support of her husband Shiney Ahuja. On television channels. Anupam Ahuja or Anu Ahuja, even organised a press conference today. She got her freinds and neighbours together and tried to made it look like a false case. The rape of her maid by Shiney Ahuja. She says that Shiney is completely innocent and he has been framed!

But here is the real dope. Direct from the horse’s mouth. We ofcourse can’t name the horse but here is the goss.

Off the record Anupam Ahuja has confessed that she knows the truth. She thinks Shiney is a dumb guy but he is not a rapist. He surely had sex with the maid but it was with her consent. It was consensual. But Anupam Ahuja will not make the confession public because her priority now is to get Shiney out of jail. 

Anu AhujaShiney Ahuja’s wife Anu Ahuja came out in public today to support her husband who has been accused in the rape case of his maid. She did some telephonic interviews on news channels and was also present in the court. Her full name is Anupam Ahuja but she is known as Anu Ahuja among her friends and colleagues.

On Shiney Ahuja raping his maid :

Anu Ahuja – Its all rubbish. He has been framed. I am proud to be Mrs Shiney Ahuja and I don’t think that he could have done this even for a minute.

She also dismissed the news about Shiney’s confession in the police station and said that any such confession doesn’t exist. Though she didn’t give much details about her husband’s point of view but its clear that she is by his side.

Who is Anu Ahuja ?

Anu Ahuja used to work in Text 100, a public relations agency specialising in Technology PR, in Mumbai. Soon she moved to New York to join as the Marketing Head of the Office Tiger, a KPO company. Shiney and Anu were already married then. Recently she quit her job and moved back to Mumbai to start the family. They have a two year old daughter called Arshiya.

We are sick! Really sicko bastards (ok, we prefer to be called Inglorious Basterds IB )! Why ? Well, otherwise how do you explain the fact that we are sharing Shiney Ahuja jokes. Here are two sms jokes that we received, one from a writer friend and other from an EP. If you belong to the same IB Club, read on.

Q. Whats Shiney Ahuja’s favourite song these days ?

A. Maid In India, Maid In India…Yeh dil chahe bas ek Maid In India!

Q. What’s Shiney’s sexual preference – Straight, Gay or Bisexual ?

A. He is now Bai-sexual!

We got one in our mail box, from a reader.

Q. If Sudhir Mishra teams up with Shiney Ahuja again, what will be the title of the film ?

A. Hazaroon Khwashein Waisi

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Shiney Ahuja accused of rape – WTF!!

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Shiney Ahuja ( Sins )We could not believe the news when we heard it. We quickly checked the calendar. No, its not april fools day. Its for real – Actor Shiney Ahuja has been accused of rape!

Shiney’s maid has accused him of rape and has registered a complaint with Oshiwara Police Station. Mumbai Police has taken Shiney in custody and will present him at the court on monday

Shiney is married to Anu Ahuja and has a daughter. But his wife mostly stays outside India because of her work.

We knew that the actor has a roving eye and it wasn’t all well between him and his wife but Shiney raping his maid, thats too extreme to believe! According to initial reports it was sex with consent but later on the maid turned against him.

Blame it on our sick sense of humour but we could not stop wondering what Shiney Ahuja realised after commiting the crime – Sins! Sins! Sins!