The Great Kanti Shah is back!

Posted: June 24, 2009 by moifightclub in Bolly Jokes, bollywood, gossipmongers, News, WTF
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And the credit goes to Shiney Ahuja. Kanti Shah ? Shiney Ahuja ?

RapeWhat ? You don’t know Kanti Shah ? Never heard of Kanti Shah !! He is the director who made the cult classic Gunda. If you are a cinema buff, Kanti Shah’s Gunda is a must watch. Lambu Ata, Pote, Chutiya, Ibu Hatela, Bulla, Bachubhai Bhigona – they are all legends. The film is rated 8.0 out of 10 on IMDB

Now, the Shiney Ahuja connection. Indiafm has done an interview with Kanti Shah where he Chamak - The Shinyhas confirmed that his new film Rape is inspired by Shiney Ahuja’s rape case. And it has the hero raping the heroine. 

 And there is more. One more R-grade film is inspired by the same case. Its titled Chamak – The Shiny.  The film exposes the darker side of Bollywood, how people are exploited for roles in the films. Oh yeh, we are waiting! Gimme R-ed! Gimme more!

BTW, for all of you who havent seen Gunda yet, here is a scene from the film. Munni meri behan Munni! Enjoy!

  1. Siddhant Parkar says:

    Hahah awesome \m/

    BTW,watch Munnibai,it is extreme 😀

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