Do you have a 3mins short film ? You can win cash prize of 50K plus much more!

Posted: May 22, 2010 by moifightclub in cinema, Contests, film, News, short film
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Ok, 50K might not be huge prize money. But there is  the “plus”  factor. So, here it is all – A well known production house and a well respected filmmaker  are looking for 3 mins short films. Plus your film will reach the audience and will be presented by the production house/filmmaker.

What kind of film ? Any genre will do. A film that you will love to watch and will force your friends to watch too! A film that you think people will download! Yes, “download” is the key word. Language – Hindi (thoda bahut angrezi bhi chalega the way we speak).

The official announcement will be made by June end. And there is a bigger plan too. But we are looking for few shorts even before the official announcement.

So, if you have made a short film that you would like to submit, do put it online, mail us the online link plus your contact details to . Who knows, the official announcement might be done with the release of your  short! And though we are just the messenger, will make sure that we post every possible info about it!  So, run lola run! We are waiting and how! And yes, do spread the word!

  1. Thupten says:

    Hope your team will carry on with this innovative innitiatives….i am thinking of sending mine also………

  2. Hi Guys,

    Any updates on when or how you will be selecting the films for this purpose? I had sent in one of my short films, but haven’t heard back anything yet.


  3. moifightclub says:

    @Prashant – hey, we r just the messenger. have passed it on. if it gets selected, will keep you posted. also, do wait for the official announcement for bigger opportunity.

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