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This is purely for cheap thrill. Two days back, we posted Aishwarya Rai’s Cannes pics on our blog and suddenly there are two Eiffel towers on the blog stats page.  Is the whole world googling her ? So,  now we are wondering can Mallika Sherwat’s Cannes pics beat those twin towers of Aishwary Rai ? Plus its pure gimmick! The name is Mallika!….ah Mallika…oh Mallika….ouch Mallika! Do we need to say more. Enjoy!

BTW, she is there for the promotion of her latest release Hisss (Not sure how many “S”). But the gimmick seems too thanda by Cannes standard! Even Mathieu Amalric and his co-stars did better on the red carpet!

PS – Dear Mallika, this is 2010. Scroll down and see what they did in 1954. The last pic in the last row – Robert Mitchum and Simone Silva!