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Vikramaditya Motwane’s Udaan had its screening on 19th May at the Cannes Festival 2010. Here are few pics that we have managed so far.

For more pics, click here. Also thanks to Roger Ebert who tweeted a video link and we managed to grab the screenshot of Udaan.

And here is the video that Roger Ebert tweeted…

Click here to read Gerson Da Gunha’s report on Udaan’s screening and for Gautaman Bhaskaran’s pre & post-screening reports, click here & here . Also, here is one of the early reviews of the film published in Screen International.

(Report tip – Srinivas. Pic courtesy – Vishakha Singh & Sukhada Chaudhary)

This is purely for cheap thrill. Two days back, we posted Aishwarya Rai’s Cannes pics on our blog and suddenly there are two Eiffel towers on the blog stats page.  Is the whole world googling her ? So,  now we are wondering can Mallika Sherwat’s Cannes pics beat those twin towers of Aishwary Rai ? Plus its pure gimmick! The name is Mallika!….ah Mallika…oh Mallika….ouch Mallika! Do we need to say more. Enjoy!

BTW, she is there for the promotion of her latest release Hisss (Not sure how many “S”). But the gimmick seems too thanda by Cannes standard! Even Mathieu Amalric and his co-stars did better on the red carpet!

PS – Dear Mallika, this is 2010. Scroll down and see what they did in 1954. The last pic in the last row – Robert Mitchum and Simone Silva!

Yes! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! Aur mere aankhon me khushi ke aanson aa gaye! Great for him and good for us becuase we cant take any more flooded timelines with his Paani tweets!

It was offcially announced at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival where Shekhar Kapur is on jury. Click here to read the full report by The Hollywood Reporter or scroll down if you are interested in knowing only the key points that matter.  Plus pic and a video attached.

– Shekhar Kapur will direct “Paani” (Water) and the script is by David Farr.

– The budget of the film is $30 million and is produced by Swarovski Entertainment and Adlabs founder-turned-producer Manmohan Shetty.

– Kapur plans to shoot in November with additional backing from Walk Water in Singapore, Dubai and on large purpose-built sets being designed by John Myrhe.

– The project also marks the first full-length feature backed by Swarovski’s start-up entertainment arm.

– A R Rahman is on board as the music director and has already composed two songs for the project.

– Its a love story set in a mega city in a future where precious H2O has all but run out and corporations go to war over its control. The city is divided into two conflicting halves, in which the upper city hoards all the water and drip feeds the slums of the lower city. A girl from the upper tier meets a water rat boy and falls in love against this backdrop.

– “Blue Covenant” author Maude Barlowe is aboard and hopes Kapur’s film will play a part in taking awareness to a whole new level. Danny Boyle will also get producer’s credit.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And our national obsession continues! What is she wearing ? why is she wearing what she is wearing! Why so thin ? Why so fat ? Whats the size – zero or one plus zero zero! So, here its all – the possible pics in all the plastic poses – dissect, discuss or do whatever you want to!