Aishwarya Rai@Cannes 2010 – Yes, she does it again(pics)!

Posted: May 13, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, Film Festival, pics
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And our national obsession continues! What is she wearing ? why is she wearing what she is wearing! Why so thin ? Why so fat ? Whats the size – zero or one plus zero zero! So, here its all – the possible pics in all the plastic poses – dissect, discuss or do whatever you want to!

  1. Breaking News says:

    Plastic? Ash looks stunning and makes even the-otherwise-very-pretty Eva Longoria look average.

  2. mogambo says:

    From the chest down she looks like a Mermaid. From the chest up she looks like a Milk Maid.

  3. moifightclub says:

    @mogambo – thats the most awefuckingsome comment i have ever read here…ROFLOL!

  4. Booboo says:

    Aishwarya Rai has gained considerable weight over the years. She better lose it before trying to walk the red carpet next to counterparts who are in better shape like Eva.

    After the horrific hairdo+dress she wore on Day 1 of Cannes, which threw to light many unshapely parts of her body (chubby wrinkled neck, heavy bust + butt, wide waist), she has played very safe by sticking to all black on Day 2. Much better. But how long will you wear black lady?

  5. Stone says:

    What is she doing there? or Eva, for that matter!

  6. Dholak says:


    Spot on!
    You know, only l’Oreal qualifies her to get there in the first place. Same for Eva.
    Trashcans all over the place!

  7. mogambo says:

    @moifightclub hehehe.. now i shall reveal my identity if you promise to reveal yours 😛

  8. Fangs says:

    there is an even more hilarious picture of her with her butt jutting out while letting a handicapped man plant a kiss on her outstretched hand.
    all the photographers turn away to escape that gory sight of that huge butt which could swallow the whole of cannes and some parts of Europe too..

  9. Lekha James says:

    Ms. Rai could have worn a saree and would have looked herself rather than a cross between milkmaid and mermaid as dear mogambo has pointed out.

  10. DeepaK says:

    Every one have their own opinion on what they fell and what they not. So I myself cant stop appreciating her beauty and don’t care for any one, the one who like my comment, think logically we are here, to pad her back, the actresses who is making out India proud globally. Keep your felling on u and not let them impact any ones thing again no offence.

  11. For people saying she should have worn a saree – “Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the brand ambassador of L’Oreal, NOT India”.

    When the West has been going gaga over Aishwarya’s dressing sense, it’s hard to see the Indian Media stalking Ash for not wearing a sari. Too bad I say.

    And @mogambo, please be respectful.


  12. Matt says:

    Nice Pics.

    Some More Sexy Pics of Aishwarya at Cannes posted on my Blog –

    Check it out.

  13. Sonia says:

    @ Divine Intervention

    The West has been going gaga over her dress sense? They have been laughing at her since day one. Get real. Even she did not deserve to look this bad. She has absolutely no taste.

    @Deepak, she is making India proud? Exactly doing what? Looking like a white woman? The only one who’s benefitting out of all this is Ms. Rai. Get your priorities straight and be proud of someone like Gandhi….the man lay down his life.

  14. pandher says:

    what is gandhi doing here now?????? every now then the same ideolgy. think in a modern way. she’s representing l’oreal there and she’s supposed to wear what she’s told to. papa ka raaj nahi hai.

    she looks stunning and dats a fact and u people r jealous of her beauty, popularity or amounts of money she makes.

    the above person seems to be an oldie(guessing by his boaring comment rather a lecture)

  15. MEOW says:

    omg………she looks hideous. Time to sack the hairdresser, the stylist and the make up artist and invest in a good personal trainer!

  16. dsingh says:

    What I don’t understand is why people are attacking her weight. What’s the big deal if she gains a few pounds? Does that mean all women have to be a size zero to be considered beautiful and real? Don’t be mad at her because she’s confident enough to strut a red carpet with bigger hips than what close-minded people would consider “beautiful”. There’s a difference between losing weight to be healthy and losing weight to please the public. If she is healthy, she doesn’t need to lose weight unless she wants to. She looks like a real person because she IS a real person, and everyone knows that real people are not always a size zero and they are never perfect, including her.

    Your opinion is your opinion but I suggest you think about how you would feel if people were saying you should lose weight before hitting the red carpet or that you have no fashion taste. Think twice before judging people, or at the very least, get a life. I only looked at this post to see what she was wearing, not to post bad comments about her to amuse myself.

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