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If yes, read on to know more about Jameson Empire’s Done In 60 seconds.

To quote from the official release, Yes, you must take a piece of cinematic genius (or not-so-genius if you prefer), distill it to its very essence and cram it all into a time frame shorter than the life expectancy of the comedy sidekick in a slasher movie. After all, 90% of most movies is just time-wasting anyway. There are easily enough seconds in a minute to defeat the bad guy, get the girl and ride off into the sunset.

To take part in this year’s competition and be in with a chance of winning a Jameson Empire Award and attending the star-studded and glittering Jameson Empire Awards ceremony in March 2012, grab some mates, blag a camera from somewhere and get shooting. To 60 seconds and not beyond!

How to be the 2012 Done in 60 Seconds Winner?

Step 1: Make a Film of a Film in 60 Seconds.

The idea is simple: take any movie of your choice, grab a bunch of friends and remake it in a form no longer than one minute!

Step 2: Check the Competition Rules and the T&C’s before you Submit your entry.

Before submitting your entry (via the upload section) make sure your entry satisfies all the competition rules and that you have read through the Terms & Conditions.

Step 3: Your Entry goes Live

Once your entry has been successfully submitted and approved it will go live on and on the Jameson Empire Done in 60 Seconds You Tube Channel. You are now officially a Done in 60 Seconds nominee!

Step 4: Get Voting!

Get your friends and family online. Once your entry is live on the Jameson Empire Done in 60 Seconds YouTube Channel it is open for votes, so get everyone to vote for your efforts!

Step 5: Nominees Chosen at Local Level

Once the closing date has passed on the 20th of January 2012, all entrants will be judged by our panel from the Film/Entertainment industry. This expert panel is composed of Jim Sheridan, John Maguire, Lisa Cannon, Gordon Hayden and Eoin Macken. A shortlist of nominees will be invited to a local final event in February where one lucky entrant will be selected to represent India at the Done in Sixty Seconds Global Final in London.

Step 6: Done in 60 Seconds Global Final

The successful nominee(s) ( plus guest) from India will jet off to London for the Done in 60 Seconds Global Final on March 23rd to compete against nominees from all over the world. An international judging panel will choose the 5 Done in 60 Seconds Nominees who will then attend the Jameson Empire Awards on Sunday March 25th 2012.

Step 7: Jameson Empire Awards

It is here, at the star-studded Awards ceremony, that the Done in 60 Seconds Winner is announced, watched and applauded by Hollywood’s finest, they’ll get to go on stage to receive their Jameson Empire Award.

Step 8: The Prize for the Done in 60 Seconds Winner

The Winner will receive a priceless and rare opportunity to spend time with an established film-maker to pick their brain on all things film! (More details to be released closer to the Awards!)

– You can see the list of previous winners and their films here.

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