Oscar’s desi connect – Kavi is nominated in the Short Film Category!

Posted: February 2, 2010 by moifightclub in Awards, cast & crew, cinema, Hollywood, News, pics, short film, songs & videos
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Are we still selling Slumdogs ? Blame it on our over- desperation or something else, we make sure that we dig out some kind of connect with Oscar Nomination/Award every year. Its the same this year. A good friend figured this one and tweeted us the info.

Kavi, a short film in Hindi has been nominated for the Oscar Awards in the Short Film (Live Action) category. Its directed by Gregg Helvey. Kavi is about an Indian boy and his parents who are forced to work as slave labor in a brick kiln. Still selling poverty porn ?

The 15 mins short film was made on a budget of about $30,000 (Rs.1.4 million) and was shot in Wai in eight days. Click here to know more about the film. And click on the play button to check out the trailer of the film.

  1. Manu Warrier says:

    this sucks man, I have always felt films on poverty, prostitution, down trodden, leprosy and dharavi are an easy way out for international exposure.

    To really work out a novel concept and reach oscars is tough, but like you said we are happy selling slumdogs to the west

  2. d'jango says:

    it’s not about us selling slumdog, it’s about americans still wanting to buy into it.

    the film was made by an american who no doubt benefited from the post-SD hype. To his credit, it seems that the director came up with the idea much before SD was released and chased it passionately for 4 years; SD perhaps just made it that much easier for him to finally make it.

    In any case, let’s reserve judgement on whether or not it’s poverty-porn till we see it.

  3. moifightclub says:

    though i loved SD cz it was pure bollywood masala film and done superbly. but to see the not-so-incredible-india again n again is boring too. we do hav the other side. since pather panchali days, we r selling the same. wud be happy to be proved wrong.

    BTW, D’jango is the guy who figured out the info.

  4. hardik mehta says:

    i would really want to appreciate this effort.

    dont we show Africans like that in our movies. even Kaminey had Africans into smuggling, drugs or whatever. there are many such stereotypes and poverty-porn types…

    look at the story. if it works great. if not, trash it. simple…

  5. d'jango says:

    It’s a curious muddle that I’ve never been able to resolve completely.

    It has never been clear to me why we should not be making films about poverty despite it being so omni-present all around us in India. We never stop making love stories that shamelessly exploit & manipulate audience emotions. So why is to wretched to be doing the same for ‘social subjects’?

    I guess our skepticism about poverty-porn is justified. But at the end of the day – we need to judge each individual film on it’s own merit and not be too quick to jump to conclusions.

  6. pardemerehndo says:

    Was kind of relieved to see that the journo-types guy wearing blue kurta searching for ‘Kavi’ was not a “white woman”


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