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If you are a filmmaker based in India and are looking for participation in the 67th Venice International Film Festival but dont know where to look and what to google, here is all that you need to know. Read on.

What – Call for participation in 67th Venice International Film Festival. 1st-11th September 2010

Who – Marco Mueller (Director – Venice Film Festival) & Cecilia Cossio (Indian Cinema Programmer – Venice Film Festival) will be in Mumbai from 10th – 16th March 2010, for preview and selection of films for the coming 67th Venice International Film Festival 2010 (1st – 11th September, 2010).
Where – They will be screening films at the NFDC office in Mumbai.
Eligibility/How – To be eligible for entry, all films should have been…

1.  Produced during the twelve months preceding the festival and…

2. Should be offered as world premieres alone (only in special cases, a derogation to the regulations will be possible – limited to films not having been released elsewhere than their country of origin).
3. Interested Producers/World-Sales and International Distributors/Directors are kindly  requested to send the Digi Beta tapes/ DVDs (duly subtitled in English) for the selection and a press-kit….. 

4. OR Documentation, including synopsis, cast and crew and other infos about the film’s content and the filmmaker’s vision should be joined to the print or tape, to the following address:
Address – National Film Development Corporation Ltd.
                       Discovery of India Bldg., 6th Floor
                       Nehru Centre, Dr. A. B. Road
                       Worli, Mumbai – 400 018. 

Contact Person – The contact persons at NFDC is  Ms. Leena Khobragade. Her email is . Phone : +91 22 2492 3027. We cant give out her mobile number here. If you are interested do mail us . Will reply with the number. All the best!