Rahul Dulhania Le Jaayega – 15 women who love S & M (pics & details) & goss from Udaipur! » Priyadarshani Singh

Posted: February 2, 2010 by moifightclub | Full size is 525 × 518 pixels

Age: 24. From Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Priyadarshani runs her own NGO called Kshitij Education Social and Welfare Society. Her family is associated with the BJP and she is a BJP activist too.

  1. Syed Ahtesham Hussain says:

    the most irritating thing on the show.

  2. shweta says:

    u know u r so idiot when u speak it luks lyk u r scolding some 1 n i hate u
    u are so stupid i hate u
    i just lyk nikunj n dimpy!

  3. shweta says:

    u irritate us a lot

  4. Ashu says:

    You are the GARBAGE in the show.

  5. Tina says:

    Hi Priyadarshani………. you are really honest when you are speacking Rahul but one advice i would give you would be KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT SOMETIME…… your like a parrot in the show where only you would speack for everyone…. some people think you should stay… at least there would be abit gossip about you……. in one of the shows you were saying people only talk bad about you if they are jealous right?? No that is not true… Everyone is talking correct about you.

  6. ibsm0911 says:

    watever….but she was d most honest pgurl on show n most knowledgeable too!!!!

  7. Tina says:

    Priyadarshani is a gud person from heart but the problem is this world listens more and talks less. This world is too busy to listen to anyones voice.

    And this happened gud bcoz Rahul and Priyadarshani would off not suited each other as couples.

    What happened was gud for Priyadarshani, but the bad thing that when priyadarshani was leaving she left that message saying she will never love anyone in life…. Priya if you read this then stop this because it will be really hard for you not to love anyone. Maybe this was supposed to happen.. and Rahul is not made for you…. just get a gud guy for your self and forget about Rahul.

  8. Reshma says:

    hi priya,

    darling u r so good. i just love u.my brother is younger than you, otherwise i would love to have a bhabhi like u.u r so frendly and wen u speak its all truth.u have no double image.u r d way u are.pls dont change dear.rahul tumhare layak hi nahi tha. there is someone waiting 4 u. dear dont worrry. always love u priya.

    all d best 4 life and have a good future.

  9. jigar says:

    Priya, don’t worry…I like the way you give your honest opinion…will pray for you…Good luck again…


  10. roje says:

    priyadarshini singh u r the most ugliest and irritating person i ever seen in my whole life. listen to dis yeh when you get a proposal and the boy cums to see u i think the boy might run off and other boys 2. i think u should stay home and live like that rest of your life.

    good luck getting a husband i hope he doesn’t run away after u guys got married. koi priyadrashi singh seh shaadi na karo.

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