Read Sharad Joshi’s essay which inspired the film Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge

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First, lets get the facts correct. Lot of reviewers in their reviews have mentioned that the Ajay Devgan-Konkon Sen starrer film Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge is based on Sharad Joshi’s short story. NO, its NOT a short story! But its based on a short essay written by him.

We still havent seen the film. But our walkie-talkie-moviepedia from Jaipur, Pavan Jha alerted us on this one. The essay is titled Tum Kab Jaoge, Atithi. It was published in his book  “Yatha Sambhav”  and also made it to other compilations.  The makers of the film have taken due permission and have also given him credit in the film, even if its just an idea.

The film has got average rating. But do read the essay. Or do we still need to sell you Sharad Joshi’s writing ?


  1. ajay says:

    jab aap bulayoge

  2. Pavan Jha says:

    Thanks for posting.. Actually most of the reviewers mentioned that its based on short story.. one of them even penned that its based on Sharad Joshi’s Novel. I hope she understands who Sharad Joshi is.. and most importantly what a novel is?

    What makes this specific instance significant is that once you read thru the essay of Joshi ji, you’d find that there is a significant effort by Film makers to adapt it as a screenplay… and one could have easily avoided even the credit, specifically in the Industry where there is no emotions for credit revealing.. Still sharing the credit is a welcome step.. one good reason could well be that the film makers had thought that having Sharad Joshi in the credits would add a lot to the credibility of the film (Specifically after Laptaganj’s success). They have even given credits to Vishal Bhardwaj in the soundtrack for the parody of Bidi Jalaye Le as original composer, while Amit Mishra is created for recreating it.

  3. PRACHI says:


  4. Akanksha says:

    This is a well written essay….liked it so very much. While I was a kid, in some essay like this only i was informed the meaning of Atithi – vo jo bina tithi bataye aate hai aur bina tithi bataaye jaate hain. 🙂

  5. neha dopia says:

    plzzzzz give a short introduction !!!!!!plzzzz
    its very urgent….

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