Rahul Mahajan Ka Swayamvar : Its Dimpy & Pimpy finally & bet its this pic that did the wonder!

Posted: March 6, 2010 by moifightclub in television, WTF
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First a confession – Never was so curious and interested in anyone’s marriage or swayavar. But then no marriage was such a non-stop laughathon ever!

And the result is out. Its Dimpy Ganguly from Calcutta. And they can name the pair as Dimpy & Pimpy! Doesnt he look like one with all those kajal and killer sound effect in his laughter! We can also bet that its this pic of Dimpy which did the wonder! He is Rahul Mahajan after all!

So, who is the unlucky Dimpy Ganguly ? She is  21 year old model from Kolkata, West Bengal. According to official release Dimpy gave up a lead role in a film to participate in the Swayamvar. Aur bolo ? Her real name is Soumasri, which means ‘as beautiful as the moon.’ But her cute dimples have earned her the name Dimpy. But this marriage has its share of controversy too. It seems Dimpy had signed a contract with Maureen Wadia’s Gladrags agency and her participation in the show goes against the contract. Click here to know more.

And for Dimpy, here is a marriage gift from our side. Take a look at the pic. Be prepared. Very prepared.


  1. bksingh2009 says:

    jaane bhi do yaar…
    shaadi bhi ho gayi ab to dono ki

  2. Arjun says:

    yaar….tum to peeche hi pad gaye….shaadi ho gayi in dono ki , unhe khush rahne do….tum to peeche hi pad gaye….

    chodo bhi yaar….apna kaam main dhyam do….

    lagta hai tumhare pass aur koi kaam nahi hai isiliye bekar ki baate karte ho….

  3. nikita says:

    all the best for u’r married life

  4. Biswajeet says:

    Loved this succinct piece of article. Rightly said Dimpy Vs Pimpy. So, it’s Mahajan’s time now for all those who are consoling dimpy.

    I remember something here, in Vaastav when Sanjay Dutt (Raghu) got his home Namrata Shirodkar(playing a prostitute)…the same goes here…..!!! 😉

  5. […] Rahul chose Dimpy, a 21 year old Bengali model and actress as his bride. Why did he choose her? A nice blog on that. […]

  6. ashish agrawal says:

    wat a find.. wat pic of dimpy..

    and u said.. this is the pic which did it for rahul…

    all the best for their few months of married life !!

  7. neha says:

    you all are jealous idiots.. leave them alone..!!

  8. Fari says:

    Rahul Sucksss…!!!

  9. vaibhavi says:

    ram banaye jodi …….arz kiya hai ram banaye jodi……….ek andha aur ek kodhiiiiiiiiiiii………jaisa rahul mahajan khud hai waise hi apne liye dhundh liiiiiii………wo bhi waisi hi hai

  10. […] They deserve each other. Or how else do you explain the fact that someone participates in a swayamvar to marry Rahul Mahajan. Its Ripley’s Believe It Or […]

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