Call For Entries – International Film Festival Of Kerala 2010

Posted: September 3, 2010 by moifightclub in cinema, Film Festival, News
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WHAT : The Kerala State Chalachitra Academy is happy to announce the 15th International Film Festival of Kerala in South India to be held from 10th -17th December 2010 in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. The festival is organized on behalf of the Government of Kerala and is recognised by FIAPF.

COMPETITION : The competition is for films from Asia, Africa and Latin America and there is also the International World Section.  (For competition, films with a minimum length of 70 minutes produced or co produced from a country in Asia, Africa or Latin America in the last one year)

NON-COMPETITION : Films except those in English must be in their original version with English subtitles for all festival sections – 1. World Cinema 2. Retrospectives & Homage’s 3. Indian Cinema Today 4. New Malayalam Cinema

RULES & REGULATIONS : For all the rules & regulations details click here.

HOW : Send a preview DVD in order to consider for the Competition section/ World Section. As mentioned in the Rules and Regulations the film will be viewed by a selection committee which will advise on suitability for the festival.

LAST DATE : The last date for submission is 30th September 2010.

FORM : The entry form can be downloaded from

AWARDS : The jury will be the final and only authority to judge the: Suvarna Chakoram (Golden Crow Pheasant) and the Rajata Chakoram (Silver Crow Pheasant) awards of the festival.The jury will award…

1. Suvarna Chakoram and a cash prize of Rs. 1,500,000/- (about $US 30,000) to the best director and the producer

2.  Rajata Chakoram and a cash prize of Rs. 400,000/- (about $US 8,000) to the best director

3. Rajata Chakoram and a cash prize of Rs. 300,000/- (about $US 6,000) for the Best Debut filmmaker.

The festival will pay for the freight and insurance of the 35mm Eng Subtitled print /Digi Beta (PAL)but does not pay for the freight of the preview material. If the film is selected in the competition section the Director will be invited with full hospitality.

CONTACT : For more clarifications, you can contact


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