Dialogue Series – “Crowd-funding: Raising Money from Public for Your Film”

Posted: November 14, 2010 by moifightclub in Special
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Our friends at DearCinema.com are trying something new. A dialogue series, and the first one is on November 18th, 2010 (Thursday). Read on for more details.

What : Sadak Chhaap Films presents DearCinema Dialogue Series on “Crowd-funding: Raising Money from Public for Your Film”.

Meet and interact with Onir, Sanjay Suri and Sudhir Mishra and get all your queries answered on Independent filmmaking this Thursday,

When : November 18, 2010.

Where : Screen 5, PVR, Juhu

How : Registration begins at: 9:30 AM at Level 3, PVR Cinema, Juhu

Registration Fee: Rs. 500/-

For more, you can write to: registration@dearcinema.com

The registration fee might seem bit much but if it works out well, things might change from the next event. So, do attend and spread the word. See you there!

  1. Shaheen says:

    yes guys!! please attend this..!! its gonna be very useful for young cinema aspirants and filmmakers..!!

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