Nishikant Kamat, Et Tu, Brutus ?

Posted: January 14, 2011 by moifightclub in bollywood, first look, pics
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From Mumbai Meri Jaan to John Meri Jaan. Remake of Khaka Khaka. John Abraham, who looks like Arjun Rampal. Title that sounds infinitely boring. And a gun that points to, umm, the gun. Bound by duty, Unleashed by love. And so the twain meet at the crotch ? Till love found him….where are we heading ? Sincerely hope that not in the direction of the gun. And this is just the first communication message of the film.

  1. izaav says:

    Nishi dada…haggu nakos

  2. The original movie,people on this portal specifically who have not seen it will complain, is a very good film. It really should not have been remade and if remade should have been done by Gautom only. Sadly, this is the wanted version of the film which people north of the vindhyas are supposed to like and hence all those crotch references. There will be pelvic thrust dances also, am sure.

    Its terrible when everyone laughs at south movies call it really bad hero centric ones and then make sorry ass remakes of that which are really hero centric ones. But then who gives a shit? people will see it

    • vasan says:

      truly said sir… but a guilty confession… ‘wanted’ was as enjoyable remake of a typically light on your brains entertaining south movie… perfect time pass Kaakha Kaakha is in another league altogether

    • kartik says:

      I don’t think one should take such comments seriously (if anyone criticizes ‘south cinema’). Mallu cinema till quite a few years ago was supposed to be the ‘sensible’ & ‘art-house’. Now the baton has passed on to Tamil cinema (and unrelated yet equally emerging to be important – Marathi cinema)

      Kaakha Kaakha was slick and fun. Pretty good commercial thriller with realistic sensibilities.

      Btw – what a colourful id 🙂

  3. Wrichik says:

    “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you … oh wait, that really is a gun in your pocket … near it any way !!!”

  4. thedailytamasha says:

    The poster looks like a shoe-brand ad. Especially cos they have not shown any shoes, just like they do in shoe-brand ads.

  5. Vinayak says:

    What is with the tattoos. I hope force is made as a story of a cop and not a street fighter because the poster gives the impression of the latter

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