Aamir Khan is on the jury of Berlin Film Festival & we have a small request

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And that’s what you call a perfect timing! Dhobi Ghat, pitched as a first art house film from Aamir Khan Productions, released on Friday, and now the announcement that Aamir Khan will be one the jury of Berlin International Film festival 2011. It’s among the top five International film festivals worldwide and to be on the jury is quite an honour.

The seven-member jury will be headed by Italian-American actress Isabella Rossellini and the festival will run from 10th to 20th February, 2011. The other jury members include Australian film producer Jan Chapman, German actress Nina Hoss, Canadian film-maker Guy Maddin, British costume designer Sandy Powell and Iranian director Jafar Panahi.  But Panahi’s place on the jury will be left symbolically empty.

The competition section includes 22 films, 16 of which will be competing for the awards. In addition there will be two special screenings: In solidarity with the convicted Iranian director Jafar Panahi, his film Offside will be presented on February 11, the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution. Also, the European premiere of Werner Herzog’s 3D documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams will be shown as a special screening in the Berlinale Palast.

The international jury will decide the following prizes –

– The Golden Bear for the Best Film (awarded to the film’s producer)

– The Jury Grand Prix (Silver Bear)

– The Award for Best Director (Silver Bear)

– The Award for Best Actress (Silver Bear)

– The Award for Best Actor (Silver Bear)

– The Award for Best Script (Silver Bear)

– The Award for an Outstanding Artistic Achievement in the categories camera, editing, score, costumes or set design (Silver Bear)

– The Alfred Bauer Prize – in memory of the festival founder – for a feature film that broadens the horizons of the art of filmmaking.

Berlin Fest will also have three films from India in Panorama section. To quote from the official release…

On a grand scale Vishal Bhardwaj tells of an intimidating female character who moves between the religions and their male proponents in 7 Khoon Maaf (7 Sins Forgiven), while young director Q has angry young men set out – unfiltered and raw – to find a place for themselves in the world in his film debut Gandu (Asshole): “Words are burning inside us. Rap is a way to say them.” British filmmaker Phil Cox lets viewers experience the city of Calcutta up close in The Bengali Detective: it takes you to the darkest corners of the metropolis with private detectives whose businesses are booming because the police can no longer be trusted.

Filmmaker Prashant Bhargava’s feature Patang (The Kite) has also been selected to be screened as part of the 41st Forum in this year’s Festival.

And Dear Aamir,

If you still haven’t been able to understand Memento, we are more than willing to offer our services. Do let us know. And we also hope that you don’t talk about Ghajini there. Be careful. Or you might end up getting caught, like it happened with Bipasha Basu recently.

Team FC

  1. rahul katyayan says:

    Valuable advice 🙂

  2. shray says:

    Guys, what is this aamir not understanding memento thing..?
    is it a joke or he admitted that in some interview..?
    plz enlighten..

    and love your blog.. been a dedicated lurker for quite some time now!

  3. Pranav says:

    Dude, apparently when Chris Nolan himself has acknowledged about Memento in 2 indian languages, I don’t see it as an issue. But yeah, him admitting that he never saw Memento is one!

  4. kartik says:


    “Guys, Mira, its MEMENTO not MOMENTO!!! Relax just kidding, I know I need to
    do a spell check but I’m really lazy and at 3am I’m not at my best. Ok while
    on Memento let me also clarify that I said that – ‘I did not like Memento’,
    which is very different from saying that – ‘Memento is not a good film’. I
    sincerely believe that film making/viewing is extremely subjective, and that
    each person has his/her own opinion. And each person is entitled to his/her
    own opinion. So I usually take care to say that a particular film did not
    work for me, as opposed to its not a good film. Who am I to pass judgement
    on a film all I can say is that I did not like it. Others may like it and I
    respect that. Why Memento did not work for me is that it left me confused.
    By the end of the film I had no idea who had killed the hero’s wife? Had she
    been killed at all? Had he killed his own wife? Did he finally get the guy
    who killed his wife? Was he still searching? Did he have a wife at all? So
    while, in theory, I can appreciate the attempt of writing a screenplay which
    travels backwards in time, at some point I need to know what actually
    happened in the film. And personally I feel that I should get the film
    without the need to read what the web says about it, or articles in
    magazines which explain the film. So for people who got the film… power to
    you! I’m sincerely glad that you enjoyed it. But I have to admit that I
    failed to understand what was going on, so I didn’t enjoy it. And once
    again, having seen both films I sincerely believe that Murgadoss has written
    a completely different script and screenplay. Thats my personal opinioln. I
    can see that some of you dont agree with me, but thats fine, lets agree to

  5. mann says:

    I agree wiid kartik, just like presence of under-world factor in a movie doesn’t make it “remake” of Godfather similarly the mere presence of shot term memory loss factor in ghajini doesn’t make it remake of memento.So I guess even if Aamir Khan discuss ghajini with Christopher Nolan there is no way nolan can predict the story of ghajni like Roland Joffe did about Race while bipasha discussing the story of Race with him.Here is the article

    AAmir is little more clever compared to these brainless beauties.As they say chori karo par deemag se.Chori karna galt hai par chori karke pakde jana can create lots of pain in ur ass.

    But I agree wid the suggestion given, actually that should be given to all hindi film actor & actress; while going to west and talking to some real genius people they should choose their words carefully.

  6. kartik says:

    @mann – i simply copy pasted from AK’s blog. Those are not my views

  7. arijit says:

    Calling “Ghajini” a copy of “Memento” is akin to calling “Rajneeti” a copy of “Mahabharat”…even that is not a good analogy…just because the hero suffers from retrograde amnesia and he has all the details tattooed on his body doesn’t make one a copy of the other. And as Aamir has clarified he has never called “Memento” a bad film…he had a problem with the ending…that is his PoV…I think we have this habit of assuming that to be acknowledged to have a decent understanding/appreciation of cinema an individual needs to like certain kind of films…otherwise he doesn’t pass muster…At least let us give credit to Amir for being selected as a member of the jury at the Berlinale…and for at least producing (if not acting) in movies which are pushing the envelope to some extent…he doesn’t need to appreciate “Memento” to do all of these…

  8. Fatema says:

    ‘and for at least producing (if not acting) in movies which are pushing the envelope to some extent…he doesn’t need to appreciate “Memento” to do all of these…’

    Sigh…for all my avowed anti-Aamir-ness I accede to that.

  9. shray says:

    thanks kartik..!

  10. Lets use the word inspiration and thank Ghaijini- team for simplification. It makes all of us Happy.

  11. @arijit If 1. short-term memory loss, 2. tattoos 3.hero searching for the killer of his wife; these three important factors do not make it a copy, what else is required?!

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