Walkwater Media announces Open Pitchfest for TV writing

Posted: February 9, 2011 by moifightclub in News, television, writing
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WHAT : Pitchfest is an opportunity for writers to ‘pitch’ their television ideas to Walkwater Media! It is an open call to writers all over India who want to write television content and have an interesting idea germinating in their mind.

QUALIFICATION : If you’re over 16 years of age and have an interesting idea for a TV show, you qualify! Pitchfest is open to new as well as experienced writers.

GENRE – Walkwater is open to ideas across various genres be it children’s content, daily soaps, crime thrillers, comedy, or any other genre for which you want to pitch! You can also turn in your ideas for non-fiction television content including reality TV!

HOW : You will need to upload your material, written in English or Hindi in the following format –

a. Logline – a 2-3 line brief about your idea.

b. Concept Note – not larger than 2 A4 size pages.

c. Character sketches of all important characters – not larger than 2 A4 size pages.

d. 5 episode story arc.

DATE : Entries open on February 1st 2011 and the competition closes on February 28th 2011.

CONTACT : If you have any questions, you can email at pitchfest@walkwater.in

WEBSITE : Click here to know more about it including the option fee and the assignment fee which the writers will be paid. And click here to know more about Walkwater Media.

– Don’t forget to check out the Terms & Conditions page. ( And yes, point No. 8 )

Happy writing & pitching!

  1. Shray gupta says:

    point no 8.. hmmmm..
    Legalised plagiarism..!!

  2. sumit says:

    how much do television writers get paid anyway???

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