VOTD : 7 Khoon Maaf’s Tere Liye (Video)

Posted: February 10, 2011 by moifightclub in bollywood, songs & videos, VOTD
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Yes, the video that we all have been waiting for, is finally out. And guess who has got the song ? Irrfan Khan. Again? First, Bekaran and now Tere Liye. Or may be the promos are misleading.

Tip – Pratyush Painuly

  1. Ja says:

    Dumbass, how can you have second thoughts on whether it is picturized on Irrfan & Priyanka or not?!

  2. reachpraty says:

    undoubtably the best song from the movie.I actually think the promo si misleading and this song just might not be filmed on irrfan,but i could be wrong!

  3. reachpraty says:

    because they could just put up this song with the scenes from irfan and priyanka and play it in the background you idiot…

  4. Ja says:

    We’ll see, you cynical dumbfuck! 🙂

  5. hardik mehta says:

    Moi – my guess was right!! – kishmish, piste = kashmir = irrfan’s song 🙂

  6. Super! says:

    WTF is kishmish, piste…picking up all dryfruits for her???…lol

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