VOTD : Sumit Purohit’s I Woke Up One Morning And Found Myself Famous

Posted: March 24, 2011 by moifightclub in cinema, short film, songs & videos, Special, VOTD
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On July 3, 2003, Deepanker Gohain, the 23-year old student of the College of Visual Arts, Baroda (India), committed suicide, which shocked the campus.

What saddened the students was the way the college authorities handled the matter, shielding the facts from the media.

Deepanker’s batch-mate Amitabh Pandey witnessed the suicide, capturing all of it on his Handycam. Pandey came from a well-connected political family. When college sided with him on this incident, the other half of the story got buried in police records.

Watch it.

  1. Shaheen says:

    Hahahaha..!! God..!!

  2. arvind says:

    Saw this at alpavirama, NID and most of us were completely bowled over by this film!

  3. Gaurav says:

    Meh.. an okay amateur effort which, er, lacks the maturity as well coherence. How did we suddenly jump from the ‘suicide’ story to cannibalistic media story?

    Just because it was indie/offbeat/oddball does not make it good, or worth mention.

    Sorry, probably I have had higher hopes from the fightclub.

  4. saurabh says:

    Is this a faux documentary?

  5. abhishek badade says:

    how to unlock this video ? where can i watch this film ? sounds interesting.

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