First Look : Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s production My Friend Pinto (Trailer)

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The trailer of Sanjey Leela Bhansali’s production My Friend Pinto is finally out. It’s directed by debutant Raaghav Dar, and stars Prateik, Kalki Koechlin, Arjun Mathur, Divya Dutta, Raj Zutshi and Shruti Seth. Raaghav and Arun Sukumar have written the story and screenplay, it has music by Ajay and Atul and Amitabh Bhattacharya is the lyricist.

Also, this is the first Bhansali production which is not directed by him. Instead of melancholic blue, Bhansali going for complete madness. Have a look.

  1. shray says:

    The trailer is, ironically, what SLB can n suppose to do next..! What can be achieve at 1/4 of cost and 4 times fun, y shud u go odrwise!

  2. Fatema says:

    Prateik Babbar is in almost every other movie these days. He is becoming like Abhishek Bachchan.

  3. AMH says:

    The initial part of the trailer where Brrrr thing repeats in the background is very similar to the trailer of A serious man.

  4. Asit kumar Patel says:

    Om Ganeshaya Namaha
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    11.Chhala mind was reactionary against the exploitation of poor people by the feudal lords. The zamindar s and gountias, not all ,but many of them were exploiting and appressing the poor people like any thing. On such a presentation giving ceremony Chhala raised his voice against these exploitation and and vicurred the wrath of the king .
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    22. A case was instituted by the British ruler in Nagpur and enquiry and action was planned. Chhala was so cunning and bestowed with such power that neither the British force hor the royal force sould do anything.
    23. A conning tick was planned and Chhla’s uncle Dukhi’s support was elnlisted by the king and plan was made to arrest Chhala. British Government arrested ordered that before uprooting branches be cut, Abila, Chhabila who were right hand of Chhala and his father and mother were warned to ask Chhala to surrender queen of Banai and surrender himself before law.
    24. Now the turn of the other branch. First Abila’s wife was killed and Abila was arrested and given death punishment. Abila’s surviving son was sent to chhala with a chowkidar (police man) to convey that massage and warn him to realize the queen of Banai.
    25. Chhabila lost temper on the teaching of Dukhi and killed him. The royal force arrested him to of his eyes were destroyed putting hit oil on them. His two legs were cut and he was taken from village to village.
    26.Preeti was realized and she went to her own kingdom Banai with Abila’s son.
    Without Abila, Chhabila and Preeti natuaraly Chhala was broken. But in sprite of that he did not loose courage.
    27. But his own men were set against Chhala and those traitors made him to drinks a lot and was unmarried. On such opportunity he was alltaked by the treachery of his own people. But the solder could do no harm, rather he killed some of them and asked the other to take him to the king.
    28. The royally including Preeti and Abila’s son were asked to the present with the general public to see Chhala’s punishment. All sort of inhuman torture like putting him in burning fire , keeping him completely hungry, putting poison snake on his body to bite him, setting elephant to cross him to death, whipping, trying to kill with swords and bullets, trailly putting him on ‘suli’ but all these had no impact at all on his body.
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