First Look : Barnali Ray Shukla’s Kucch Luv Jaisaa (Trailer)

Posted: April 20, 2011 by moifightclub in bollywood, cast & crew, film, first look, Trailer
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Kuch Luv Jaisa marks the directorial debut of Barnali Ray Shukla, who also happens to be actor/writer/director Sourabh Shukla’s wife. The film stars Rahul Bose, Shefali Shah and Sumeet Raghavan, and is produced by Vipul Shah. Check out the trailer.

  1. kartik krishnan says:

    looks fun yaar …despite rahul bose …waiting

  2. rony dcosta says:

    looks good. thoda true lies angle lagta hai. rahul bose pretending to be a detective and shefali as the wife like jamie lee curtis.

  3. dubey says:

    Let’s hope that Sumit Raghwan gets his due after this movie

  4. Fatema says:

    Vipul Shah and Shefali Shah remind me of Ketan Mehta and Deepa Sahi

  5. Suresh says:

    Yes as someone has mentioned earlier – small budget ‘True Lies’ hangover here. Looks very flat and unexciting thanks to Rahul Bose, does it every time!

  6. Dipanjan Das says:

    Has Bollywood forgotten to spell love? First “Luv ka The End.” and now this.

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