This isn’t a tale of heroic feats. It’s about two lives running parallel for a while, with common aspirations and similar dreams.

-Ernesto Guevara de la Serna

I am bad with names. I guess, terrible. And am very good with excuses. So, it gets compensated mostly. And that’s why whenever I save a new contact in my phone, I always add a suffix or prefix to the name. It makes life easier. Because whenever I am searching for anyone, if not the name, the suffix or prefix will help. Either place, profession, common friends, where we met, how  we met, why we met, and noun, pronoun, adjectives, verb (don’t pick) of all kinds.

Before I started writing the post, I quickly searched for PFC in my phone’s contacts list and believe it or not, the number of contacts with PFC as suffix is 44 – covering almost every alphabet from A(shish) to W(B), even Z if you count Zoorya (Surya) as I call him. And in the last few years some of them have become 4am friends too. And am not counting any filmmaker, producer, writer or celeb here, with them it’s always aspirational, at least to start with. Talking about mere mortals like us. Friends from across states, nations and even continents. Many of us have met each other, shared our stories and bonded over everything that’s life. At the end of the day,  I guess, that’s what PFC has done. Internet, you beauty. Add cinema, and we are alive.

PFC started in August-September 2006. I guess I joined in December. How, why – don’t remember exactly. I wasn’t in a boring cubicle and my day job wasn’t boring either. Then? Must have been a google search for ‘Anurag Kashyap’. Because there was a time when PFC = AK, which wasn’t true but the industry always thought so. “Oh, AK’s mouthpiece. So much negativity on that site!”. Well, that’s the way it was.  Just because we had endless rounds of biryanis and drinks at his place with access to some of the best world cinema, it didn’t mean that we had to worship him or his friends. Criticise him and he will listen. He will argue, fight, try to make fun of you, put his favourite question to you, “tune kya likha/banaya hai?“. But that’s just him, trying to figure out if you really know your shit or just blabbering. And yeah, No Smoking had equal number of posts on both the extremes. Let me also confess that there were times when many comments which attacked AK were moderated and without telling anyone I used to approve them. If it’s about cinema, if someone is making a point that AK might not agree with, there is no point in blocking that comment. The general policy was to keeps the trolls away from filmmakers, keep the site clean but what’s life without some cheap thrills. If it’s AK’s cinema, his post, let him face it.

There was also Suparn Varma, Hansal Mehta, Pavan Kaul, Sourabh Usha Narang, Sam Longoria, Ramu Ramanathan, Bhavani Iyer (Onir, Navdeep Singh came onboard later) and some 30-35 bloggers from across the world. Forget everything else, we had no clue about each others names also. Some of us used to write posts with nicknames/handles and we used to address each with those handles. Honhaar Goonda, DPac, RK, Ranga, Macchar Kumar, Dabba – some of the handles that I can think of right now. Once a friend was visiting London and he needed some cash urgently. The first name that came to my mind was Honhar Goonda and I had to ask another friend for his real name. There were mele-mein-bichhde-huye-bhai too, Pavan Saab and Subrat: where Google fails, they come to the rescue. Do you know Chic Chocolate?

Then there was Kartik Krishnan (KK) – the face of PFC in Mumbai. He would go to any length to do anything for PFC, would travel any distance to meet any new author of PFC. With Vasan, three of us soon became the point persons for all kinds of activity. And the invisible brain, the hand, the man behind everything else was Oz. PFC was his idea, his intiative. Log milte gaye aur karwaan banta gaya.

For the first few years, it was all smooth. We never bothered to ask how the site was running, how much space, what the readership was and  other such technical details. That was all Oz’s headache. A bunch of 10-12 editors, including three of us, used to take editorial calls and we were busy blogging – shouting, screaming, fighting – all for cinema.

I might be completely wrong but I think the first time we had some kind of disagreement when a filmmaker gave the idea of turning PFC into commercial venture and someone decided to do it. Since it was mostly one man control as far as any cost was concern, it was all his call. Rest of us were foot soldiers. Discussion soon moved from club to chain mails and many of us expressed our discomfort about the way the decision was taken. We were blogging because we loved it, there was no intention of making it IndiaFM or any such commercial venture.

Of course there was ample space and time given to everyone to debate, discuss and put forward all kinds of suggestions in Club. Those days authorship wasn’t open to everyone, but by invitation only. We had a club for the authors which was not visible to the rest of the world. And countless nights have been spent on random discussion threads in that club. Those were the Club days too!

There was Review contest (Yes, Thani), One minute short film contest, Poster design contest, Pitcher contest – Oz was always the man to go and we would execute it in best possible way. TOI gave us half page coverage too, with some of us happily posing for the camera in the middle of  a busy road in Dadar’s Hindu colony. Aha, the cheap thrills. Every mention of PFC in the media was one step forward in making it more visible, making it more mainstream. The industry slowly took notice and mostly loved to hate us.

Krsn Kavita Kasturi (I hope I have got her name right) – She was one of the  respected blogger at PFC who knew her cinema quite well. As it mostly happened in the club, once she disagreed on some point which we all were gung-ho about. We were quick to brand her as PFC-Drohi and me and KK got into an altercation with her. I Still can’t remember what was the reason, the exact topic. Blame it on age. But we were PFC-Bhakts and she was PFCDrohi soon. She quit PFC after that. KKK, if you have Google Alert on, apologies from me. Because all this seems too trivial now.

And what a surprise, in the next two years, I was in her shoes. As a dozen of us  met last night  at a friend’s place and we started talking about PFC, we could not agree on one version of the story – how it started? Was it this or that? And there were alternate versions too. Why we could not agree on few things?

Among many other things (man with an agenda, conspirator), I was even branded racist. I could not figure out the reason then and discovered it much later that I had put a comment saying “firangi” or something like that in one of the threads in the Club and by that time one of us had got married to someone for whom that was racist remark or kind of. I tried the search option in my gmail, went through some mails, and gave up. Too tedious, too kiddish. There must be hundreds of those mails, may be we will tell our grand kids about it.

Like every story has my right side and your wrong side, it was the same for PFC. Also, it was “Catfish” syndrome for some of us. “Dude, he is so boring. Come on, we can’t say it to him. We have to meet him. No, you go away, I will skip.”  We also realised that the set-up was becoming too feudal. One man would control it all, he would not listen to anyone except those who  agree with him and celebrate him. We asked questions, raised our voice and it made things worse. The reason given was, “I quit my job, I gave my life and soul to it, my space, my time for it. How dare can anyone ask me what i want to do?”.  And we thought, “But who asked you to do so? We all have our jobs, we all still contribute”. The ping-pong game continued.

By that time, the commercial venture keeda had done the trick too. The critic we had no respect for and who is known for his extremely biased reviews, was asked if he would blog at PFC. Posts/blogs were done in tie-up with films/directors. The aim was to get more page views, more readership and thus generate revenue.

Things started piling up. All kind of decisions were taken on the basis of MBBS (Miyan-Biwi-Baccha-Samet). Many bloggers were finding an excuse to quit it.  Or as Roger Ebert wrote in the review of Blue Valentine, “I’ve read reviews saying Cianfrance isn’t clear about what went wrong as they got from there to here. Is anybody?” When in doubt, trust Ebert.

Oz also used to run, his personal blog. And there were some incidents where personal things got mixed up with PFC. It involved his family, he felt that some of us said/did something nasty about someone related to him, he wrote a post on it, we commented there, he was hurt, attacks, counter-attacks. And back to Ebert. Since there was no professional set-up for PFC, it was again Oz’s call. So, if he was pissed off with someone because of some personal reason, that also meant that it’s the end for him/her at PFC. You can take any side here and have your arguments, and we did the same. As I wrote earlier, I am not sure if this was the correct flow of the events. Flashbacks are not so smooth always as they show in movies. I might have missed many things but I am writing whatever I can remember now.

What else? I am still trying to think if there was any big reason apart from “making PFC commercial”. We tied up with Tehelka for PFC Awards, some felt we were moving too hastily,  some felt it’s better to do something rather than ponder over it and make powerpoint presentations. Few calls and more miscommunication – ‘how dare you hang up the phone, it was ISD call and so must have been the time difference my and your voice, you sent such a nasty SMS when I was going through a family crisis’, ‘But that was a joke and how am I supposed to know that you had a crisis at home..’ – everything that counts for the lovers’ tiff, we had it all. And like in every lovers’ tiff which ends in separation, this story is from one side, the other side’s story might be completely different.

I quit. KK quit. And for similar reasons some 20 authors also quit one after another. And we all felt strange that nobody thought that this was strange – if 20 active bloggers decide to quit one by one, there has to be some reason, some logic, some problem. Someone must be wrong somewhere. Naah, by that time it has straight forward – we are right, they are wrong. It was Us Vs Them. Those who stayed Vs Those who left. Those who stayed – we stayed at the worst period of PFC, we are friends, we saved him, saved PFC. Those who left – they don’t make any sense, it’s feudal approach, it’s MBBS, power drunk, dropping names, enough! It might have been lil’ bit of this, lil’ bit of that, some ego here and there, and that was the end for us. But I/we never thought that it would end in such a bitter way.

I started writing this as a Goodbye post and soon realised that it might not be a goodbye after all. But I thought it’s better to complete it.

So, Dear PFC – Cheers for all those 40 friends and 4am buddies, and apologies for all kinds of ugly spats, intentionally or otherwise, it just seems so funny now, or may be it was all for cheap thrill. May be we all were in our best possible Natural Born Killers avatar and part of that secret club. It was great fun till it lasted.

But no apologies for watching the 2nd half of Contract before the first half and then again going to the other screen to catch the first half, no apologies for asking Ramu, “Do you think you have lost it?”, no apologies for not liking No Smoking and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and million other such things.

(PS: Questions have been raised many times about exclusive authors/filmmakers. Why don’t they write more often? They come only for their film promotions. But let me clarify – most of the time we wanted them to blog. Except few, it was us who approached them. They were not dying to blog. We wanted them and they had a film for release, they had something to say, so they blogged whatever they could. There is no point in putting the blame on them. We were eager to get them onboard – always!)

(PPS – Hansal – Sirjee, I have never cooked for anyone.)

What else? Lots, but can’t remember. Told ya, the age.



RK now runs Cinemanthan,  Sameer went full time with his CinemaaOnline, Shripriya’s site is Tatvam, Mitch’s work can be seen at Bokehchaser, Fatema reviews films for Indiaentertainment and blogs at filmsandwords, and Pavan still runs GulzarOneline. Also, Indraneel can be found here, Sudhir is here, Jahan Bakshi writes here, Dipankar is here, and Srinivas here . And a bunch of us still create nuisance here at mFC. 🙂 For the rest, they are all on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Suparn says:

    Hair loss adds to memory loss Phoenixnu 😉 hahahahahaha
    Nice post

  2. Utpal Borpujari says:

    emotional, informative…that’s what this post is…whether it’s pfc or mfc or anything else mentioned in the last para, it’s all about the passion….for cinema…let’s keep it up…here, there, everywhere

  3. xyz says:

    Short mein koi samjhao bhai!

  4. arshdeep says:

    Read many posts in PFC about this issue but this one ranks top among all.Poora dil se nikla hua.yaar aur likha karo……..u write well.esp these emotional posts.whether it is open letter to SLB,Last words for SUNShine and this one.All direct Dilse !!!

  5. arshdeep says:

    And Just a thought…….why dont u make MFC as new know all the Ex-PFC authors,some already write posts for this blog but i know its easier said than done.!!!!

  6. Honhaar Goonda says:

    You’ve missed out a bit.

    KKK left because she was disgust that Machchar was made a member of PFC after that Black writer (forgot her name) left cos of Machchar’s comments.

    The site was attacked by spam/virus, the fight about website design, etc…

  7. Arun Prakash says:

    This is the Phoenixnu of old ! Lovely nostalgic post 🙂

    It’s the people behind the passion who count…..and these were the guys !

  8. moonstruck says:

    honest post .. which was missing at pfc .
    1 day ago anurag kashyap was trashing oz , and blaming his ego for the end of pfc .obviously now all his comments are deleted .. but for me .. a regular pfc reader ..all this mud slinging was not making any sense . there were no explanations after all this .. just a msg .. that everything is well and pfc wont shut down …
    i found my explations in uor post .. thanks

  9. moonstruck says:

    btw .. thanks for giving out the currrent details of all old pfc authors .. i was missing rk’s post .. now i know where i can catch him .. a lot of thanks to salik who posted mfc link on pfc ..

  10. Kushal Shah says:

    Nice post.I loved the video post of RGV on PFC.
    PFC was partial when it came to comments approval policy.I used to regularly comment there,but if you write a single word against Anurag Kashyap or Khalid Mohammed your comment would get moderated and eventually wont get approved.I remember I had wrote a comment against Khalids Review.I was banned from commenting on any post(I can Understand that I cannot comment on Khalids reviews, but other posts?) and mind you I never used any offensive words while commenting.
    (There was an instance where I wrote “Beautiful post” and even that post got under moderation and dint get published)
    There have been various instances where the posts were removed because so and so person found it offensive.the ones that come to my mind are the “Gabricha Paus” post which PFC made a lot of brouhaha(the post got published in Mid day(some multiplex dint screen the movie as not many people turned up)) and in day or two the post vanished from PFC(which I assume happened as that multiplex honcho must have done some setting with AK).And By then I had got wary of commenting and had lost interest in PFC.
    However I still feel that PFC is a Classroom when it comes to films.The films the authors over there recommend and blog about is very I am happy that its not closing.I will just read Posts of Some Authors whom I have been following from past few years to keep myself updated on films.
    More to follow if this comment gets approved:P

  11. Honhaar Goonda says:

    BTW, I wasn’t being racist when I said: “..PFC after that Black writer.. ” I meant the film “Black” and writer Bhavani Iyer. 😀

    I do miss the club, though. It was fun and lots of fights. Not even one day was dull in the club.

  12. Anom says:


    What happen If you find lot of the content is Paid! The big entertainment companies pay PFC to setup blogs for upcoming films and create a Wave about the film! I will call it a Cheating with passionate readers! Would it remain a classroom even then?

    • Kushal Shah says:

      I can understand about the big entertainment companies paying PFC but what about Khalid?do I need to agree to his views?If I disagree why cant write a comment explaining my points.but then PFC believes in censorship.It bans your comment even if you write “A beautiful post or superbly written”
      I agree this is cheating with some PFC regulars.also I feel last few days of mud slinging and drama was also a setting between OZ and AK just to gather attention.
      but still there are few authors whom I really look forward to.

  13. Fatema says:

    “It’s the people behind the passion who count…” Well-said Arun.

    It’s always the people that matter…

  14. kk says:

    but for George I would not have read this, but for Mainak I would not have worked with George, but for Anurag I would not have been on PFC, but for Oz there would have been no PFC, but for Striker I would not have met Mitch, but for…..

    It was a Friday, 1st day 1st show of Black Friday in the US.
    11th Feb 2007.
    I must have spent hours googling Anurag.
    PFC comes up, I write to Oz saying i would like to join.
    Bas, that simple.
    My first post and AK comments.
    I marvel at the technological advancements that connect like-minded people so quickly.
    My second post and AK comments again.
    That is when my fate at PFC was sealed.
    No one likes to be sidelined by a Kkk come lately!
    It was exhilarating, to be voicing one’s views, to be interacting with unknown film buffs, exchanging ideas, notes….
    Honhaar aapki yaad daash achchi hai, yes I felt that women writers were being sidelined and that the platform was becoming sexist.
    BUT the actual reason for my quitting was some other trivial thing which we shall let pass in the interest of making up:
    Phoenixnu: Chaala Thanx! How many would care to apologize in public? If you are ever in DC we should meet up, else I will be in Mumbai this June, 1st week.
    ps: you got the name right alright albeit the shortened version!

    March 2008 I was in Mumbai, after quitting PFC. despite knowing this Fatema treated me to a great day of lunch, movie, coffee, motorbike rides…..Fatz you are a lovely lady.
    So was Subrat very generous with his time. Him and wife took me out, treated me to a lovely meal, a gift…the works! He is a thorough gentleman. Thoroughly Witty!!

    Anurag too was very affectionate when he met me, in fact i ended up staying in his house for a a week while he went off to shoot for Dev D. Not before he asks me to read the script and give my female perspective. I did. In two straight hours. Made some suggestions. Imagine listening to Emotional Atyachaar in his house that he played for me!

    Anyways coming to films : hope you guyz have watched OF GODS AND MEN?
    no? what are you waiting for? my review? yes?
    Ok, GO! watch it like, NOW!!

    Ciao, peeps,

    • Kushal Shah says:

      Are you talking about the french movie?I saw it last december at french film fest.loved it.A must watch for all cinema lovers out there

  15. Honhaar Goonda says:

    Sighs. I feel like writing something now.., lots lots of memories..

  16. kartik krishnan says:

    I had written an article which I wanted to post few days ago. But didn’t. This post at moifc has made nostalgic. I’m posting it here. Apologies for its length.

    It was a much needed break from the not so exciting life back then. To meet cinebuffs, aspiring & established filmmakers online, to rave and rant. From college students to journos, to senior Managers with more trivia than any Quiz Contest on Bollywood, to random stalkers and commentators. Everyone had his/her story. A ‘veebuthi’-foreheaded commerce graduate from a Tam-Brahm household in Mumbai running around the sets of DevD, gulaal carrying the clap with him; a saintly ‘uncle’ type man running his own IT company, the biggest portal on gulzar (for no profit by the way), and yet taking off time to contribute with his knowledge of hindi cinema (KN Singh dancing, Kishore singing – Badthi ka Naam Daadhi- thank you sir); a guy from construction business making 1 minute short films by the dozen (the initial ones were passable I confess) and encouraged by the criticism going onto make his 90 min film called Bhobhar, in a local dialect; an engineer whose one minute tribute to Charlie Chaplain uploaded and made for PFC perhaps impressed the interview board at NID Ahemdabad so much, they decided to take this otherwise stereotypical mallu catholic ‘good boy’ into a cinematography course; a ‘mad’ talented theater boy in Chandigarh whose short film ‘Dolly’ was even given a small ‘tribute’ to in DevD – that guy is now a known Art Director in a prestigious project now. And the biggest story – the double mba from LA management guru Oz, the owner of PFC, responsible for the site which was the talk on everyone’s lips, and made a genuine difference,

    And of course the big guns – the Sudhir mishras, Kundan shahs, Anurag kashyaps, Pankaj advani (RIP), Onirs… the drink discussions, the fights, differing points of view, opinions, criticisms, meeting new people, talking about films that no one else had seen, interviewing the big guns, everything.

    One would want the flight to go on and ‘change the face of indian cinema’ –
    Almost. Acceleration and smooth takeoff happened. And so did a hijack somewhere in mid air.

    Love is the purest emotion (some would say Lust but let that be). Falling in love with someone is divine. But falling in love with your own self blocking everyone’s opinion away is disaster! Look at Bhansali, RGV and the Ghais of bollywood. Elsewhere, you can look at the original rebel of world cinema – Godard. Or the man with compelling visuals – Wong Kar Wai. On the internet look no further than the website which was supposed to be the ‘mecca’ of filmmaking –

    15 high quality authors stopped writing articles on PFC one by one. Ego fights ? Smear campaign ? Difference of opinions ? Criticism ? I don’t know. Slowly the biggies too stopped blogging and sharing their knowledge. From an underground free flowing cult it became literally a ‘cult’ like Klu Klux Klan. Fresh opinions were banned, strict commenting policy, fierce face put up. Talibanisation of views happened and fanboyism reached its peak. That is not to say in ‘our times’ fanboyism didn’t exist. What was a ‘cheap thrill’ then became a piggy back ride, a burden, an excercise in ass licking to be rewarded in kind. Every dissenting opinion met with a stony silence. How is that open source ?

    One of the biggest drawback of having the big guns blogging on pfc was the fanboyism & nepotism. Filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap, Sudhir Mishra, Hansal Mehta, and others WERE NOT PFC ALONE. IT WASN’T PASSIONFORFILMMAKERS.COM but Sure their articles and posts gave us much media mileage and reach, but the core was passion for cinema by the not so famous bloggers – who posted articles every week, offering fresh unbiased, outsider, neutral pov.
    Sadly, not many realised this and only relied on the big guns to write. They simply floated along choosing to have a comment party on their posts.

    What was worse than random stalking/meaningless spam attack, was unconditional ass-kissing. Sample this ‘Happy Birthday’ wish to a filmmaker by an author –

    “The bard who rode on a comet’s tail, who got off a train on a rainy day with handful of money and a world of dreams, who waited tables while flipping Kafka, who thought of De Sica under water tanks with a stomach hungry of cinema, who waited years for a dream that was canned, whose sepia tones colored the hues of a terror stricken street, whose smoke hazed the contours of existential freedom, who melted literature with vodka glugging progenies, who flamed absolute power with student political factions, who inspired a generation of protégées by his art, the auteur who returned to the land he dreamt of as the juror of cinematic alchemy. I know of a man who rode on a comet’s tail. This day he came 37 years ago, I wish him madness, love and a journey of unending cinematic virtuosity!”

    Suddenly authors were more interested in walking the red carpet of filmfare, sipping coffee with XYZ after a night out daru party with ABC, spending an evening with blah blah great filmmaker, went for a walk with a producer from such and such production house. And so on. And it isn’t a big deal. Very casual.

    Not that we’ve never done that. But there was a perceptible difference. I don’t know what. I still think ten times before calling filmmakers who I know at PFC, who have become ‘friends’. But that’s me.

    It is so visible even in the ‘parting’ post of PFC – ‘Stars’. Not bloggers but ‘stars’. And of course more proof that criticism is not welcome – the director whose website/mouthpiece PFC was perceived to be, who has criticized the site and opted out from blogging has not been included in the list of memories. May be I’m reading too much –

    “I take with me some great lovely moments that I shall treasure forever… I wish now I could have captured some of them on camera… like the evening over Old Monk and Beer at a run down bar in Goregaon with Sriram and Shridhar Raghavan, trying my best to stand straight with Saurabh Shukla and our dear friend the late Pankaj Advani after a couple of drinks and a lost pack of cigarettes, an intense story session with Nishikant Kamat at Heathrow airport, dinner at Hansal Mehta’s backyard in Lonavala listening to the various stories he’d experienced as a snake crawls a few feet away from us, the weekly get togethers at HQ that would bring PFC volunteers together like a magnet, the Friday Kingfisher test – beer followed by a movie… and so many more….”

    What was supposed to be Bhagat singh’s Hindustan Socialist Republican Association driven around the ‘youth’ & new wave eventually became MTV Hero Honda Roadies.

    The Revolution which Sudhir Mishra so eloquently put across in Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi – “kranti ka engine bina eendhan ke nahi chalta bhai”. So was it revenue issues ? May be. But donations happened. People donated anything from 10$ (500 bucks) to 100$ and more. So did they stop ?

    Why were websites like,, with multiple users, authors, commentators function cheaply ? I don’t know. May be some tech guy can shed some light on the same. I will take back my words on this if proven wrong. When Onir can fund an entire movie online through donations I’m sure we could have done something equally good with PFC.

    EGO ?
    When we claim filmmakers like RGV, Bhansali, VVC have gigantic egos which forbids them from opening up to others’ opinions and growth, why can we not apply the same logic to ourselves ? Why are comments which are against an article or which criticise a particular filmmaker/author spammed/banned ? Why has the two way dialogue reduced to a one way monologue ? When the opposite sex is thrown out one has no option but to feel great by mastrubation. Is it healthy ? Yes. But will it ever produce a baby ? No. Never.


    Ok forgive my pathetic poetic attempts but when was the last time you saw blogs on a film ? LSD ? Yes. Since then when was it ever that an ‘indie’ film was blogged regularly on pfc ? Why is only barring one or two “reviews” there are not much on Bela Nagi’s Daayein ya Baayien (two articles are by exclusive authors btw). Shor in the City ? Stanley ka Dabba ? A screening of Q’s visual treat Gandu happened some time back in Mumbai. Why isn’t there a single article or review on pfc on the same ? The most anticipated tamil film Aranya Kaandam was screened at SAIFF 2011. So how come no one wrote about it in PFC ? Didn’t anyone attend SAIFF? IFFLA ? MAMI fest in mumbai ? Did anyone see Harud ? Ashvin Kumar’s inshallah football has been doing the screenings. Has any author bothered to contact him asking him to blog about it (apart from of course the censorhip controversy post)? Has any author asked him for a Delhi/Mumbai screening for the same ? Nero’s guests by Deepa Bhatia ?

    Where is the trailer of Cold Weather ? A review on the brilliant tribute to Woody Allen in a film called Mancattan (the whole film is online btw)? Did anyone see My mother is a whore at MAMI ?

    9 months ago there was a trailer of the korean gut wrencher I saw the devil. Who saw the film and reviewed it on pfc ? Are all of them “legal movie watchers” that they still havent seen the film?

    Apart from a formality 1 para obituary post on Rami Reddy, Goga Kapoor, Bob Cristo, Macmohan RIP post, where is an article citing their contribution to the Hindi cinema of 70s-80s-90s bygone era ? The last such post was by Subrat to Joginder.

    Where are the original voices ? Bloggers ? Voices ? Articles ? Personality kahaan hai ? Where is the colour? Has there been a book review of Sussana’s Seven Husbands or Jai arjun Singh’s book on Jaane Bhi do Yaaron ? And we claim we have over 80 bloggers ? How many intresting posts are there ? How many pages/articles are there that you genuinely want to read ?

    And in response to the ones saying “To all those claiming pfc was dead years ago, good job watching the corpse rot and sitting smug, doing nothing. well played.”

    In response all I can say is – 15-20 bloggers quit PFC and despite not wanting the ‘corpse to rot’, they had no option but to lament. To quote a Sidhusim – you can throw a rope at a drowning man to save him but what do you do if he prefers to hang himself with that very rope ?

    And yeah Kavita, my apologies to you. And to those whom I might have hurt in this journey. Hope to catch up with you someday. Trust me I’m not a bad guy. Not a “confirmed psychopath”. Not a guy “full of selfishness”.

  17. KK, you and I are like Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson from Unbreakable. I take too long to hate someone, write poems to people I like in the open, even write to friends but that’s hardly quoted, I usually cant force someone to like a movie because I did, I dont easily hate movies unless they are 2012 and express my disagreement as much as I want. I cant get myself to be mean to someone, I really try you know. While you,on the other hand, have great amount of cynicism, you despise anything that is inferior to you and to that you’d beat the person to pulp, never to get up. You see things with pessimism and a grand achievement in finding a flaw. You want everyone to like what you like. You get jizz in your pants with the mention of “Mani sir” but any other filmmaker is strict fanboyism. You go and comment anonymously asking friends to give blow jobs to the people they write poems to. While I admit of initial fanboyism, do you admit extreme cynicism to life and every living form in front of you? You see, we both are required to make that equilibrium point. We complete the circle Karthik. We are unbreakable.

    • kartik krishnan says:

      “While you,on the other hand, have great amount of cynicism, you despise anything that is inferior to you and to that you’d beat the person to pulp, never to get up. You see things with pessimism and a grand achievement in finding a flaw.”

      I’m trying to work on reducing my cynicism sir. Takes time. I don’t think anyone or anything is inferior to me. You probably have seen more world cinema and can write more eloquently than me. I wish you ask any of our common friends to confirm if indeed I will beat someone (inferior) to pulp and ensure he never gets up. And I don’t think I like finding flaws in everything and anything. To do that one has to be either perfect or a critic. And I’m neither.

      “You get jizz in your pants with the mention of “Mani sir” but any other filmmaker is strict fanboyism”
      Well well. I’m the first one to shout from rooftops about the cop out 2nd half of Guru, the Raavan. And I don’t think I get “jizz in my pants” at mani saar’s mention. But those are mere technicalities which you can/have ignored. I don’t write paens to him hoping he will read them. I don’t tell him on his face “You are so great sir”. There are more points but I will not bore you with the details. “You can consider my ass retired”

      Nevertheless, I wish you don’t take me of too much of a cynic in future. I’m trying to be a better person. And hope you do wish me all the very best. As I will to you. Continue with the love brother

  18. Jahan says:

    Oh God. The drama never ends, does it?

  19. Honhaar Goonda says:

    Kartik’s long comment has encouraged me to write a long comment as well. I wanted to write about my PFC experience last night – I kept thinking about for an hour, but it was too late to get my notebook out and write. Now I just want to get it out.

    I am not here writing to pull anyone’s pants down, but I would gloat in the end, I deserve to and not being any offensive to anyone. But, if you are a sensitive soul, then please don’t read further. Save yourself and me from the grief.

    What have you done?

    Most of the problems PFC faced or still facing were created when PFC was born. PFC was created as a group forum, but the owner was an individual, and nobody expected the fame it will get. Then, there was no vision, if there was any vision, it failed to achieve. It was all about organic growth or let’s sell something or create sister websites. There wasn’t a clear vision.

    The Club was the USP of PFC because it created a community and kept PFC alive. That was the hub. Most of the time was spent in the club rather than on the main page and many authors thought that was a problem, but I didn’t find that a problem. However, the problem was the club in the club which started to become more apparent in year 2008. There were many clubs in the club: 1) Family, 2) Non-Family 3) Lurkers

    In 2007, there weren’t that many heated discussions in the club as most of the time authors spent making fun of people outside the club. I remember three heated discussions in 2007 and I was involved in two of those. The first heated discussion was minor as people are arguing about the content of an author’s article. The two heated argument I was involved were kind of challenging the superior opinions – 1) I raised an opinion about need of improvement in the website 2) Shripriya pointed out a flaw in PFCOne – I backed her up. Both times I was asked: What have you done? Are you willing to do the running?

    That was the problem. The family didn’t raise any questions – they blindly agreed with the Superior on everything, but when a member of non-family questioned something or suggested something, then they were accused of discouraging people and were asked: ‘What have you done in your life or for PFC?’ ‘Are you willing to do the running and put the hard work’? Basically, you weren’t allowed to suggest or given an opinion, if you didn’t have any experience or did anything for PFC and weren’t going t to implement the suggestion by yourself.

    What were my answers? I always said Nothing to the first question and a couple of times I said yes to the second question.

    2008 was fun. For me, 2008 was/is the best year of PFC. There were a lot of quizzes, trivia, and cricket discussions in the club. I became an editor and moderator of the site even after those couple of arguments. I got to visit DevD shoot in London. The website was attacked by spammers/hackers, so the site was down for a bit. I did the award thing without any problems. PFC did series of interviews of artists with help of Phoenixnu, Sudhir and Sourav. But the club saw more discussion on what next for pfc, quality of articles on pfc, how to make money/break even, etc. The gap between PFC HQ and PFC Mumbai started to widen later in year 2008 due to difference in the culture and opinions.

    In 2009, the exodus started. You know, I want to take credit for that. I was the first one to official quit, that is, post my resignation in the club. I had many reasons to quit. The club in the club. 95% people on PFC were sensitive souls. Even if you had constructively criticize anything, then they would start crying and quit. In the comment section, only ass kissing was allowed. It became all gay. There was no middle ground. The DesiTrain post was very distasteful. The experience of managing the PFC award second time was very disappointing because it could have been very special and beneficial to PFC if the superior and family had not been half-arsed about it. The authoritarian culture I didn’t like. There was no clear cut vision. That is so unbelievable. If there was a vision, then it was a secret. So much insecurity.

    So, after two years, let me ask: What have you done?! The End?This what happens when you only have ‘Yes, Sir’ people alongside you and let people go who question your ideas constructively.

    I believe PFC should close down as it doesn’t have any purpose and hasn’t grown at all, in fact, it has gone backwards. It should save them of anymore griefs. It is disappointing because it could have been something. IF PFC had a better management/vision, then it could have gone to places as PFC already had the human resources.

    What do I miss about PFC? The banters. The cricket discussions. Informative and interesting posts by PavanSaab, RKSaab, and Prof Subrat. Being part of something and being in charge. I loved that.

    It was a brilliant experience, though.

    • Vasanbala says:

      “So, after two years, let me ask: What have you done?! The End?This what happens when you only have ‘Yes, Sir’ people alongside you and let people go who question your ideas constructively.”

      Awesome HG this for me alsmost ended up as a build up the WANTED last lines

      “what the fuck have you done lately?”

      Good to read you…long time no read…how have you been?

      KK, my Johnny Boy (Mean Streets) as Subrat said when you love it’s unconditional and when you are angry…Thats the best thing about you and Somen, there will always be a feeling …never indifference …thats truly scary not the anger or the love (that can be scary too sometimes :))

      Johnny Boy, Neeru ko ek chance de de re. Amma Pavam good boy hai re.

      It’s the people who make the blog and it’s not the other way around. Someone somewhere grossly forgot that minute useless detail and it got spamed with some people who evoke “INDIFFERENCE” which was scary. PFC suddenly turned into Commissioned National Broadcast like DD News of yore or like Radio refusing to play Kishore Kumar during Emergency.

      It suddenly started playing like

      Anyways it’s never my intention to make anything work. It’s always about a fresh start and a glorious end (tragic or happy as long as it’s glorious).

      Here is to a super fresh start…

      • Honhaar Goonda says:

        I am always a Google away. All good at my end. And hopenyour dream of making a feature film is getting near…

  20. Vineet says:

    I always wondered what happened to all the bloggers, thanks for clearing this out. I had started a film based venture myself, got a few guys together, had a few meetings, everything was looking hunky dory and then everything collapsed…egos, criticisms, hatred, confusion etc etc

    I sometimes envy for-money ventures. They have a very simple and efficient rule, what brings money stays what doesn’t…doesn’t. Wish there was some kind of bottom line in these forums too

  21. Pavan Jha says:

    Was going thru the comments on PFC on the “another” closure act.. Feel even if it gets life again, only a very few have real passion & feeling for it unlike old times (was disappointed with the comments and passion of existing readers/writers..:)

    Ek wo din jab laakho.n gham aur kaal paD.aa hai aansu ka
    Ek wo din jab ek zaraa si baat pe nadiyaa.n bahati thi

    (एक ये दिन जब लाखों ग़म और काल पड़ा है आंसू का
    एक वो दिन जब एक ज़रा सी बात पे नदियां बहती थीं)

    PFC – Die Another Day (silent one may be)

    • kartik krishnan says:

      (एक ये दिन जब लाखों ग़म और काल पड़ा है आंसू का
      एक वो दिन जब एक ज़रा सी बात पे नदियां बहती थीं)
      This jagjit singh’s ghazal perfectly captures it sir 😦

  22. Subrat says:

    We are gregarious animals by nature. We look around for fellow kindred souls – to discuss a shared past, to provide a filip to our ambitions, to celebrate the memory of SoDa written on Sunil Shetty’s shirt in that hai-hukku song and those fake fountains and mist in Aarey Colony park that appeared in innumerable 80s movies. In the process you, hopefully, learn a bit about Korean cinema, the French new wave, the documentaries that you may never have heard of and emerge enriched and humbled. That’s all that I sought from PFC. And, it didn’t fail me.

    Somewhere along the line the easy banter ceased. The expectations from one another rose. Somewhere originality and excellence were sacrificed at the altar of abundance. Some parted with acrimony, others simply lost interest. I got busy and by the time I came back I didn’t recognize the place. As Sahir wrote:

    taarruf rog ho jaaye to usko bhoolnaa behatar
    taalluk bojh ban jaaye to usako todnaa achchhaa
    vo afsanaa jise anjaam tak laana naa ho mumkin
    use ek khoobsurat mod dekar chhodna achchhaa

  23. John Galt says:

    Very Orwellian, very Animal Farmish. This Club within Clubs – Mithya, muthya aur satya – myth, masturbation and truth clubs.

  24. Njudo_E_Dara says:

    Losing My Virginity- autobiography by Richard Branson has wonderful and very similar tale about a Magazine for student, of student, by student , called “Student”. But then it is like reading OZ perspective. Every movement, which starts because of single common interest, finally disintegrates because conflicting personal interest. And i think it is natural phenomenon. Resurrection of PFC will be miracle. But then miracles do happen.

  25. tejas says:

    Looks like PFC did go down today. May be some technical glitch and hopefully temporary. They haven’t blocked any of my comments in last 3 weeks, so I have my doubts. 😀

  26. Shatrughan says:

    Lagta hai ki aaj PFC ne finally apni antim saash le hi liya…morning se DNS server error aa raha hai…waise for this kind of problem,at max 48 hours should take to propagate new DNS entries …guys any idea about PFC glitch???

  27. Shaitan says:

    Fuck, I think that’s about it.

    RIP PFC 😦

  28. moonstruck says:

    rip pfc.. 😦

  29. After a big fight somebody posted that PFC will have new management and will not go down…on PFC itself…but now all we get is a direct link to that good-for-nothing Dingora…anybody haing any information about PFC..??…I have not recovered from its demise…any info anyone…????

  30. moonstruck says:

    same here shiva …. i miss pfc .. its gone as if it never existed ..

  31. Jahanpanah says:

    Still searching for that lost ground.

  32. akh says:

    Passionforcinema was a great site. Read a lot of great stuff there. It was fun reading accounts of both filmmakers as well as audience on the same forum. It was very informative. It should not have been closed. Like me many people will still be missing it. Searched for it and reached here. MoiFC did good job by giving website details of many people who used to contribute to PFC. Thanks! C’d not find websites of Subrat, Neeraj Ghaywan, Sudhir Mishra, Anurag Kashyap,Onir, Hansal Mehta and many others. Do they still write somewhere?
    One link, you have given in footnote, cinemanthan does not look like a cinema related site. But google took me to and it seems the right link.

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