A film called Shuttlecock Boys

Posted: August 22, 2011 by moifightclub in film, first look, Indie, News, songs & videos, Story / Plot / Synopsis
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This post is part of our small endeavour to spupport indie films and give them some visbility. We haven’t seen the film, have no clue about the makers, just a random mail and here it is. Do check out the trailer.

Shuttlecock Boys is a self-financed independent Hindi feature film produced by Pennywise Films and directed by Hemant Gaba. After travelling through some film festivals (Jaipur, Surat & Shimla) in India, it will have its International Premiere in USA at Chicago South Asian Film Festival followed by a screening in the competitive category of International Film Festival Ahmedabad in October.

The film tells the story of 4 boys Gaurav, Manav, Loveleen & Pankaj who embark on an eventful journey of “doing something on their own”, a decision that they take while playing badminton one night in their neighbourhood streets. This journey becomes the litmus test of their determination, courage, luck & spirit of the friendship.

The story originated from the director’s upbringing years in lower middle class, out of his personal experiences of being stuck in 9 to 6 monotonous jobs & his willingness to charter into unknown territory of doing something on his own that the middle class parents always dread.  With a small sum of 35 lakhs mostly from his savings & small loans from friends and family, the film was shot handheld mostly with non-actors on more than 18 locations over a span of 22 days in Delhi & suburbs.

Chcek out the trailer

Website : – www.shuttlecockboys.com

  1. salik says:

    Super-like 🙂

  2. MindTentative says:

    I like it. Theatrical release does not seem possible. Any way of catching this movie other than the film festivals?

    • Hemant Gaba says:

      @Salik : Thank you v. much !!

      @MindTentative : Yeah theatrical is v.difficult… but we are still trying for it.

  3. would love to see dis movie…!!

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