Rockstar Poster – Real or fake?

Posted: August 24, 2011 by moifightclub in bollywood, film, first look, Poster
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Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar starring Ranbir Kapoor is ready for release. The film’s theatrical trailer will come out with Salman Khan’s Bodygaurd. And the film’s first poster is just out. Some nice sketch work but a tacky font.

But is it real or fake? We are not sure yet but this one is currently online.

  1. Amit says:

    Not something that leaves a strong impression…. Almost looks like someone is trying to model the Rockstar on Slash…

  2. PeeKay says:

    this is a fake poster i guess.

  3. @Rohwit says:

    What catches the eye is

    Music: AR Rahman

    End of discussion 🙂

  4. Real or fake doesn’t matter…this is going to be ridiculous…why they keep on portraying things which don’t happen in India…Rehman looks a saving grace…still so many people are there to appreciate such wannabe stuff..!!

  5. Don’t judge a movie by it’s “first look” , it has got Imtiaz Ali and Rahman coming together,kuch toh baat hogi na! 🙂

    PS: check Ranbir’s right hand(palm)..subtly kool,isn’t it!

  6. tejas says:

    Indian film posters are not always high on the proper font selection, if this is a real poster, which it does not look like.

  7. Kancha says:

    Rockstar is not Jim Morrison….It’s more Rahul Ram and Indian Ocean kinda stars that we have Shiva.

    The refs are definitely real, dont see anything ridiculous in it. I dont see leather jackets, nor jeans nor boots…John Abraham in 7 Khoon Maaf was what you are saying….

    HR in Aap Ka Suroor and Prithvi in Dil Jigar Naazar kya hai…song….that I agree…

  8. dubey says:

    Sadly it is the real poster. The production house is still not sure about the font though. Got the info directly from the horses mouth

  9. mehrab says:

    i think its fake

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