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First came the desi version of Coke Studio, then MTV Unplugged and now The Dewarists. In a country where bollywood music has almost killed every other kind of sound in the mainstream space, it’s a refreshing change to see so much good television involving non-bollywood music.

Have been reading all kinds of reactions to all the three shows. Any kind of criticism is good as long as you are honest. But the point is, on indian television, for such a long time we had almost nothing to watch. Now when people are trying to create something, explore that tiny space for us, and that’s not really bad tv, let’s be little more encouraging, appreciate the efforts, and then bring out the knives. If it was completely worthless, then it’s fine to kill it. But let’s watch it and spread the good word first.

Here’s the third episode of The Dewarists, where Indian Ocean meets Mohit Chauhan to create Maya. Had no clue that Indian Ocean has a new address now. I used to like that old place – messy, old-world charm, the wooden chair and Beware Dogs. This is Indian Ocean’s first composition with the new team. Click the play button, hear their story, and let the music play.

(PS – While watching this episode, I was thinking it would be great if then can feature Agnee here. The band deserves more space, more visibility and more audience. And then i saw next week’s teaser. Those of you who are behind the show, time to pat your back. Great job with the show. And give us more)