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Nobody believed that he could die. Wasn’t he immortal? Wasn’t he evergreen? We all had started believing in it seriously because even at 88, he was all hale and hearty, and was making films.  Good or bad, it didn’t matter.  Films was all he knew.  As many of us looked at the posters of his latest films and didn’t even dare to go close to the theater, he confessed many times that he would die the day he stop making films. That was his drug. With a career spanning over sixty years, it was impossible to think about de-addiction.

And then we all woke up to the news that he is no more. It was one of the saddest sundays. But the man has left so much to cherish that we will celebrate many sundays with his movies, songs, memories and conversations.

Thanks, Devsaab.

Here’s an old Filmfare article where Dev Anand and Kalpana talk about their love story and marriage.

And click on the play button to listen to a goregous song which we discovered last night on Pavan Jha’s online radio stream.

As always, thanks to Pavan Jha.