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The first part of the “Satya” series was posted here. And now the second one. Written by its editor Apurva Asrani.


–> Disclaimer: There is a term called ‘The Rashomon Effect’; in which observers of an event produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of ‘the truth’.

So it is possible, that my truth, may differ from yours…


Sequences from Satya were getting a fabulous response from those that previewed it. We were editing alongside the filming. Ramu was a very instinctive director and was confident enough to alter characters & screenplay as he went along. His vision was broadening before our eyes. Saurabh Shukla was on set playing Kallu Mama as well as collaborating as a writer. Anurag Kashyap too was writing on location, other times he wrote in the evenings at Ramu’s large but modest Four Bungalows apartment.

It was a vodka/whisky darbar and young non-drinkers (or beer-drinkers like me) spent evenings like this without a glass. I can be corny and say that we were intoxicated in the air of a brilliant collaboration! The fit and pretty Urmila Matondkar hung out with us too, she was warm and charming, a complete departure from her cold & reserved self on set.

Along with the other assistants like Barnali Ray (now Shukla), Pradnya Lokhande (now Sharma), Feroze and Dev, I too pondered about the plausibility of the Ramu-Urmila affair as was reported. We looked for clues in those casual evenings, and convened later on to exchange notes. My close friends would often ask for gossip and I would try to look for evidence. If you’re eager to know, I never did find it; nothing conclusive at least.

First day of shooting. 12th of August 1997.

The location was a stinky stable in the suburb of Jogeshwari where Manoj Pahwa’s character introduces Satya to his new home. I wasn’t sure about Chakri’s dialogue delivery, but there was comfort in the talk that it might be dubbed later. A few hours into the shoot, Ramu received a phone-call. I saw before my eyes the blood drain from his face. His friend, media baron Gulshan Kumar had been murdered, riddled indiscriminately with bullets.

Ramu became very disturbed. We stopped work and followed him around for more news, he was among the few with a mobile-phone. It dawned upon me for the first time, how close to the truth our film was. Ramu was taking a great risk by making a film on the extortion enterprise while gangsters still ruled Bombay. I didn’t know then, that much of the film’s story-flow would be altered post this incident.


Chakri & Manjo

I liked Chakri (Chakravarti). He came from an acting background that I was familiar with. My mother is a Telugu girl and I had seen many Telugu film’s while growing up. I empathized with Chakri’s discomfort with Hindi and we spent a lot of time together, discussing his plans for the character. I was also privy to Chakri’s soft-spot for another crew member and I often dispensed to him the wisdom of a 19 yr old.

Manoj Bajpai also became a close friend. I called him ‘Manjo’. Manoj often hitched a ride with me on my rickety-old Kinetic Honda, came out clubbing with me and my friends, and even had a few drinks with my father. Manoj had the utmost awe for the work I was doing, and encouraged me to follow my style. One day Manoj signed an agreement with me stating that he would act in my 1st film for 2 rupees. Even though it was written on a paper napkin, I was sure that it would stand the test of time. Manoj was a talent like we had never seen before, and I remember feeling like I had hit the jackpot.

I learned much later that ‘editors are an actors best friend’. So when I bonded recently with the talented Rajkumar Yadav during the making of Shahid, we added a line to this pearl of wisdom…‘till the film is complete.’ 😉

Chakri and Manoj were another ‘hit-duo’ from Satya, who’s celluloid chemistry didn’t exactly come from admiration for the other. Their rivalry was less subdued than the other’s, and it worked wonders for the film. It was the battle of the North Indian vs the South Indian, of the NSD actor vs the commercial actor. I thought that both vied to be Ramu’s pet actor. But then everyone was in awe of Mr Varma, he commanded it effortlessly.

I had mentioned in my previous blog, the tension between Anurag & Saurabh, and I think from Anurag’s reactions to my blog, that he took my claim very seriously. I didn’t mean to say that their friction over credit on the promo caused any bad blood. It seemed quite innocent, and was obviously channeled correctly, which is why they wrote a cracker of a film. Besides the ones mentioned above, there were a couple of other ‘teams’ that struggled for their inpidual place in the sun.

Two’s company

Let me pose a few questions, and see if there is a one-word/one name answer that comes to mind.

‘To whom would you attribute the cinematography of Satya?’ Would you say it was the American veteran DP Gerhard Hooper or the realistic documentary cameraman, Mazhar Kamran? Both were eventually credited.

‘Whose words were Satya really based on?’ Were they Saurabh Shukla’s–who was basking from his association with the semantic Bandit Queen & Is Raat Ki Subah Nahi or were they Anurag Kashyap’s–who was this wonder-kid that everyone was talking about and had just written Jayate (Hansal Mehta’s first tryst with the courtroom). Both were credited.

‘Who’s music will Satya be remembered for?‘ Vishal Bharadwaj’s?–The man who infused emotion into the film with songs like the dreamy Badalon se kaat kaat ke or Sandeep Chowta–who’s stark and intense themes reverberated in a shattering new system called DTS. Both were credited.

‘Who actually edited Satya?’ Apurva Asrani, the urban kid who had made promos for Sanjay Bhansali’s Khamoshi and Ramu’s Daud or was it Bhanodaya-the Telugu editor who had earlier edited Ramu’s Ana Ganaga Oku Roju & Daud? Both were credited.

While Manoj-Chakri, Saurabh-Anurag, Gerry-Mazhar, Vishal-Sandeep will be best suited to answer how they felt about sharing credit at the time, they will also be able to tell you why why none of them ever teamed up again. I can only tell you how I felt. I got asked for years, ‘who edited Satya?’ and that question used to make me angry. I guess, the simplest thing for me would have been to say ‘we both did’. But to me, that would have been a diplomatic answer, not necessarily an honest one.

Jump Cut to: Bhanodaya

If I remember right, Satya was the first Hindi film to be cut on avid. We were choosing a work-flow that required us to make a print from the negative, transfer the print to tape, digitize the tapes onto the hard disk and then start editing. The process was fascinating and I think we used Avid to its fullest potential to maintain a fresh & compelling rhythm, now synonymous with the film. But it is when the film was edited, and the technical process had to be reversed, that Ramu began to get angsty. He was nervous about matching the negative to an Avid produced cut-list. He was worried that something may go wrong with the negative. He began to feel that his judgment would work best if he saw a print before locking the film. So Ramu brought in his Daud editor Bhanodaya, specifically to match the print to the list.

What I didn’t see coming, was that I would have to share credit with Bhanodaya. This came as a bolt from the blue. I first heard about it from Ramu’s cousin, Satya’s Executive Producer, Som Shekhar. I felt somewhat cheated by Ramu and began to find it impossible make-up lies about how Bhanodaya had co-edited the film. Jitesh Pillai, then the bright kid at Filmfare had interviewed me for his magazine, and had asked me about Bhano. I remember saying, ‘I don’t know Bhano, I never met him during the editing of the film’. It was the truth, but my lack of diplomacy and patience brought out the arrogance in me.

What made things worse were the rumors going around. I would hear that Ramu had gone about telling people that I had only cut the promos of the film, and that Bhano was the editor. Now whether the rumors were true or whether people were fanning my anger, I was too naïve to know.

Filmfare Awards, February 1998

I remember the night of the Filmfare awards when the award for ‘Best Editing’ was announced. I was sitting among my loved ones who became very emotional and pushed me towards the stage to collect the award. As I walked, from the corner of my eye, I looked at a familiar man, wearing a black shirt, who also began walking towards the podium. I remember thinking ‘I hardly know that man, have not had a single creative exchange with him, but he is sharing my award.’ Bhanodaya was being celebrated for my work, and it just didn’t make sense.

There was only one award statuette. So I buckled my speed. Bhanodaya also walked faster. He had the advantage of being two rows ahead – with Ramu. I was like an energizer bunny, high from the industry’s acknowledgment of my skills, but somewhat wounded by the sudden U-turn of my mentor. I somehow got to Jeetendra and Poonam Dhillon first, and they handed me the statuette. Bhanodaya followed behind me and shook hands with them after I did. As I held up the coveted statuette in the air, a much shorter Bhanoday reached for it, touched it, and smiled.

If only I had known then, that I would get opportunities to prove myself again; to be part of some meaningful cinematic attempts. If I had know then that I would see other awards and some rewards that are far greater than trophies, I would have shared that award gracefully with Bhanodaya. After all, his efforts touched the final product too.

So my dear colleague Bhanodaya, I guess it isn’t too late to say ‘Congratulations….! for our Filmfare award for Satya!’

– Apurva Asrani

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Nobody believed that he could die. Wasn’t he immortal? Wasn’t he evergreen? We all had started believing in it seriously because even at 88, he was all hale and hearty, and was making films.  Good or bad, it didn’t matter.  Films was all he knew.  As many of us looked at the posters of his latest films and didn’t even dare to go close to the theater, he confessed many times that he would die the day he stop making films. That was his drug. With a career spanning over sixty years, it was impossible to think about de-addiction.

And then we all woke up to the news that he is no more. It was one of the saddest sundays. But the man has left so much to cherish that we will celebrate many sundays with his movies, songs, memories and conversations.

Thanks, Devsaab.

Here’s an old Filmfare article where Dev Anand and Kalpana talk about their love story and marriage.

And click on the play button to listen to a goregous song which we discovered last night on Pavan Jha’s online radio stream.

As always, thanks to Pavan Jha.

We never expect Filmfare to recognise the real talent beyond the stars and the celebs. Because they are star-fuckers who sell stars, want to keep everyone happy and want them to show up at their annual award ceremony. Its a tv show after all. Needs trps, needs money! Its all about how Film-Un-fair they are. But this year it seems lil better than last few years. Here is the list of winners…

Popular Awards

Best Film: Vidhu Vinod Chopra for 3 Idiots

Best Director: Rajkumar Hirani for 3 Idiots

Best Actor in Leading Role (Male): Amitabh Bachchan for Paa

Best Actor in Leading Role (Female): Vidya Balan for Paa

Best Supporting Actor (Male): Boman Irani for 3 Idiots

Best Supporting Actor (Female): Kalki Koechlin for Dev D

Best Debutante Director (Male): Ayan Mukherjee for Wake Up Sid

Best Debutante Director (Female): Zoya Akhtar for Luck By Chance

Best Dialogue: Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra for 3 idiots

Best Screenplay: Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Abhijat Joshi for 3 Idiots

Best Story: Abhijat Joshi and Rajkumar Hirani for 3 Idiots

Filmfare Critics Award

Best Film: Firaaq

Best Actor (Female): Mahi Gill for Dev D

Best Actor (Male): Ranbir Kapoor for his consistently outstanding performances in 2009.

Filmfare Music Awards

Best Music: A R Rahman for Delhi 6

Best Lyrics: Irshad Kamil for ‘Aaj Din Chaddya’ (Love Aaj Kal)

Best Playback Singer (Female): Rekha Bharadwaj for Genda Phool (Delhi 6) and Kavita Seth for Iktara (Wake Up Sid)

Best Playback Singer (Male): Mohit Chauhan for Masakalli (Delhi 6)

RD Burman Music Award: Amit Trivedi

Filmfare Technical Awards:

Best Visual Effects: Kaminey

Best Choreography Award: Bosco-Ceasar, ‘Chor Bazaari’ from Love Aaj Kal

Best Production Design: Helen & Sukant for Dev D

Best Action: Vijayan Master for Wanted

Best Sound Design: Manas Chaudhury for Firaaq

Best Editing: Sreekar Prasad for Firaaq

Best Cinematographer: Rajeev Ravi for Dev D

Best Costume Design: Vaishali Menon for Firaaq

Best Background Score: Amit Trivedi for Dev D

Actor Shashi Kapoor and Music Director Khayyam were given the Lifetime Achievement Awards.

BTW, Bachchans didnt attend the Filmfare Award this year in protest against this story done by their sister publication Mumbai Mirror few days back. They have been demanding apology from Mirror. But so far, nothing.

PS – Here is goss of the day. It seems Riteish Deshmukh & Jacqueline Fernandez’s act was sponsored by the producer of their forthcoming film Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai. Remember last year Vashu Bhagnani paid a fat cheque to Filmfare for getting his son Jackie Bhagnani on stage for the promotion of his debut film. He happily informed all his family members, relatives and friends asking them to watch his son dance at the Filmfare Awards ceremony. Remote was kept aside and they waited and waited and waited for Jackie to show up on small screen. Surprise! There was no Jackie act when it was telecasted on Sony Tv. Why ? Because Filmfare never guaranteed them that the act will get tv play too. It was edited out. Aur bolo ?

Ranbir kapoorYes, thats the goss doing the rounds.

Ranbir Kapoor has completed Shimit Amin’s Rocket Singh – Salesman of the year. He has moved on to Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti. And after Rajneeti, its Siddharth Anand’s new film Anjaana Anjaani with Priyanka Chopra. Also, in the pipeline is Mera Jahaan co-starring Deepika Padukone by debutant Vikram Singh.

But here is the most interesting news. According to Filmfare, Ranbir Kapoor is reportedly doing Mani Ratnam’s next film in which he plays a pakistani immigrant in America. The film is not titled yet. What we know is that he was offered a role in Raavan, but he refused.

Mani is currently busy with Raavan and will be be free by next year after the release of the film. By that time, Ranbir will also be done with both Siddharth Anand and Vikram’s films. If it works out, interesting!

One more casting news.  It seems Shaadi Ali is set to return with Tevar ( Is this planned as triology..Tashan,Tevar…atleast it sounds so) and most probably Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor will team up again. Shaad is busy assissting Mani on Raavan these days.

UPDATE – According to Mumbai Mirror, the  title of the film is Azaan and its a pro-muslim take. The story is about Azaan, the name of the lead character as he will be born during Azan. Click here to read the complete report.

imran khanImran Khan is the latest bollywood celeb to join Twitter. Karan Johar introduced him to it. Imran can be found at .

We have also updated the list of other bollywood celebs on twitter. Take your pick.


Priyanka Chopra –

Uday Chopra –

Sonam Kapoor –

Ritesh Deshmukh –

Mallika Sherawat –

Gul Panag –

Dino Morea –

Ayesha Takia –

Lara Dutta –

Anushka Sharma –

Rahul Khanna –



Ram Gopal Varma –

Shekhar Kapur –

Saket Chaudhary –

Karan Johar –

Hansal Mehta –

Sujoy Ghosh –

Tarun Mansukhani –

Madhur Bhandarkar –

Kaizad Gustad –



Vishal Dadlani –

 Shreya Ghoshal –


Others (Producer s/ Writers/ Magazine)

Pritish Nandy –

Shridhar Raghavan –

Amit Khanna – 

Bobby Bedi –

Filmfare –

We are sure, have missed many others. Do let us know.

kalkissnedekha-Kal Kisne Dekha ? Going by the initial box office reports and reviews, it seems NOBODY. Not even the film’s director Vivek Sharma, because he had a fight with  producer Vashu Bhagnani over non payment of fees. Vivek also claims that Vashu has re-edited the film and he hasn’t seen the new version

All we can say, Vashuji, with a title like that, you are surely asking for it and more. But Vashu, the dearest daddy, tried every possible trick for his son.

First the numerology. Kal Kisne Dekha is Kal KISSne Dekha and Jacky Bhagnani is JacKKy Bhagnani.

According to gossipmongers, Kareena Kapoor was paid 3 crore, yes, three fucking crore to dance with beta Jackky at few stage shows in Ahmedabad for the pre-release buzz of the film.

Vashu even paid 50 lakhs to Filmfare to showcase his son’s dancing skills at the award ceremony. Beta came and danced. But when the awards ceremoney was teleacsted, Sony smartly chopped out the performance of Jacky or Jackky from its tv telecast. Vashu had informed everyone in the world to watch out for his son’s performance at the Filmfare Awards. He waited and waited and waited. Now, if only money could drive anything, why would we need brains and dicks ?

Finally, the film releases today. And Vashu has a new plan ready. He is calling up every journalist and reviewer, and is trying to convince them to atleast say some good things about his son Jacky. He can sing, he can jump, he can dance, he can kiss, he can fight, he can ride bikes and he can see the future!! Isn’t that enough. Acting ?? Now, whats that ? We can surely see his future!! 

Vashu can always put the blame of the film on the director. So, dont be surprised if some reviews actually praise Jacky Bhagnani’s multi-talented avtaar in the film. With such shitload of money, we think Vashu might be able to do more with the reviews.

As for the review of the film on our blog, you must be kidding! BTW, here is Raja Sen’s review on Rediff, we could not agree more.

FilmfareTry these three steps if you are in desperate need for some cash.

First – Pick up any recent issue of Filmfare.

2nd – Lets put the bet. You say – Filmfare sucks!

3rd – Open the magazine. You will win!

Because week after week, they suck! And they are getting better at sucking upto the stars. The recent issue is a fashion special (ROFL, do they know the meaning of “special”? ) and they prove it again. It got nothing except the great cover pic ( Imran Khan & Sonam Kapoor). DONT buy and waste your money. Trust us! 

And here goes our dissection ( not specific to this issue) –

Editorial – Jitesh Pillai’s editorial should get the Razzies immediately, if there is any such award for editorial piece! He still sound like a star-stuck kid, and issue after issue he has the same thing to say….how much hard work they have put in the current copy! His editorial sounds more like a press release issued by some star’s publicist. Dude, go watch some “cinema”, look beyond the stars, stop sucking them for a while and if nothing works out, get a job as some star’s secretary. Your sucking up will help you for sure.  . 

Gossip – they serve old thakela goss. Read Mid-day and Mumbai Mirror instead and you get the best gossip every morning. Why wait for 2 weeks and pay more! Just for the gloss. Naah, doesnt make sense

Cover Story – Their covers are only A-list stars. There are hardly 20 A-list stars. And Filmfare has to do 24 covers in a year. They repeat, its d same shitty cycle – SRK, Aamir, Kareena, Saif, Bachchan and the same set of boring oooh-di-la-lah questions with equally boring answers! What are you eating, have you lost or gained weight, what are you shooting, nothing beyond that.

Interviews – They got the worst team of writers. Its a serious competition out there, who can write the worst piece. Since last few issues they are trying to have a more personal approach but nothing adds up to the drab copy. Do they even have copy editors ?

Sneak Peek – Here they still score some points, sometimes. May be, once in two months. Because they have one thing for sure. Access to the stars.

Features – Not a single damn bright idea! You wonder if the smooth glossy paper will make your arse feel better if you can use it for toilet paper!

Trend stories – They are the last one to spot the trends, after its been done to death in newspapers,magazine and tv channels.

Photo feature – Yes, they get the biggies here and some great pics too. But whoever writes the text with those pics, needs to be fired! Now!

Shatrughan Sinha’s Q n A – Is there anything new there ? Ramu’s blogs and his answers are more entertaining. And you dont have to pay for reading blogs.

Last piece – Jitesh, you dont have to do it again! Front and back. Just do it once dude. Or you like it both ways ? Its anyway fuckall, we can do without the bad aftertaste of the concluding piece.

And if you dont agree, just pick up the recent fashion special issue of Filmfare and tell us if you think there is any bright idea there. We will surrender. One page pic, one page of shitty writing, the magazine is full of it. There is nothing that you dont know or havent read. They havent tried anything new. New feature, new way of presenting, new text, nothing!

empireFor all you Filmfare fuckall fellas, here is something tht you must die. Go and check out the latest issue of Empire Magazine, the 20th anniversay special. Its a cover to die for! And you will get what we mean by the “big idea”! Magazine ho to waisa ho, warna na ho!

And oh yeh, we got money from Cineblitz and Stardust to write this nasty piece on Filmfare! Atleast they are honest, they dont suck upto anyone!

srk-kolkata-knight-ridersBad habits die hard. And if you are having bad days, then you will do anything to have some sunshine in your life. According to Juicymausi ( Shah Rukh Khan is back to Mumbai, not for the vote, but its all about notes! He will be dancing at the wedding of builder Kanti Govani’s nephew. And he has been paid 3 crores for the same. Few more bollywood stars are suppose to perform with him. If not on field, he can make good money off field for sure!

Also, according to, Shah Rukh Khan will NOT return to South Africa anytime soon. He will go back only if his team ( Kolkata Knight Riders) starts winning. Why ? Because its too much sadness all around. And he can’t take it any more. 

Someone needs to tell Shah Rukh and now- Dude, its not Filmfare that you can buy the trophy or put the demand that you will attend it only if you win. Nobody gives a fuck, Mr Shah Rukh Khan. With you or without you, the IPL will go on. 

First he took all the possible wrong decisions and when its time to face the consequences, he is running away. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going ( back home!).