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srk-kolkata-knight-ridersBad habits die hard. And if you are having bad days, then you will do anything to have some sunshine in your life. According to Juicymausi ( Shah Rukh Khan is back to Mumbai, not for the vote, but its all about notes! He will be dancing at the wedding of builder Kanti Govani’s nephew. And he has been paid 3 crores for the same. Few more bollywood stars are suppose to perform with him. If not on field, he can make good money off field for sure!

Also, according to, Shah Rukh Khan will NOT return to South Africa anytime soon. He will go back only if his team ( Kolkata Knight Riders) starts winning. Why ? Because its too much sadness all around. And he can’t take it any more. 

Someone needs to tell Shah Rukh and now- Dude, its not Filmfare that you can buy the trophy or put the demand that you will attend it only if you win. Nobody gives a fuck, Mr Shah Rukh Khan. With you or without you, the IPL will go on. 

First he took all the possible wrong decisions and when its time to face the consequences, he is running away. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going ( back home!).