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kalkissnedekha-Kal Kisne Dekha ? Going by the initial box office reports and reviews, it seems NOBODY. Not even the film’s director Vivek Sharma, because he had a fight with  producer Vashu Bhagnani over non payment of fees. Vivek also claims that Vashu has re-edited the film and he hasn’t seen the new version

All we can say, Vashuji, with a title like that, you are surely asking for it and more. But Vashu, the dearest daddy, tried every possible trick for his son.

First the numerology. Kal Kisne Dekha is Kal KISSne Dekha and Jacky Bhagnani is JacKKy Bhagnani.

According to gossipmongers, Kareena Kapoor was paid 3 crore, yes, three fucking crore to dance with beta Jackky at few stage shows in Ahmedabad for the pre-release buzz of the film.

Vashu even paid 50 lakhs to Filmfare to showcase his son’s dancing skills at the award ceremony. Beta came and danced. But when the awards ceremoney was teleacsted, Sony smartly chopped out the performance of Jacky or Jackky from its tv telecast. Vashu had informed everyone in the world to watch out for his son’s performance at the Filmfare Awards. He waited and waited and waited. Now, if only money could drive anything, why would we need brains and dicks ?

Finally, the film releases today. And Vashu has a new plan ready. He is calling up every journalist and reviewer, and is trying to convince them to atleast say some good things about his son Jacky. He can sing, he can jump, he can dance, he can kiss, he can fight, he can ride bikes and he can see the future!! Isn’t that enough. Acting ?? Now, whats that ? We can surely see his future!! 

Vashu can always put the blame of the film on the director. So, dont be surprised if some reviews actually praise Jacky Bhagnani’s multi-talented avtaar in the film. With such shitload of money, we think Vashu might be able to do more with the reviews.

As for the review of the film on our blog, you must be kidding! BTW, here is Raja Sen’s review on Rediff, we could not agree more.