VOTD : Mansoor Khan’s The Third Curve

Posted: January 11, 2012 by moifightclub in life, video, VOTD
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We are a strange industry. We rarely get to hear filmmakers, producers or actors talking about anything else other than their films. And when most films are nothing to talk about, it’s the worst place to be in. Sometimes it feels like we are an industry ruled by bunch of philistines – no art, culture, or political interest. Only endorsement they understand is the money making mantra.  Only chicken soup for soul they know is Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. And so this video came as a refreshing change. Filmmaker Mansoor Khan at TedxTalks – trying to make sense of this insane world.

Tip – Rohan Sippy

  1. Abhigyan says:

    The Mansoor Khan we never knew! Awesomely articulated! Must Watch.

  2. pakhipakhi says:

    Am I missing something? I found this whole discourse naive in the way science, economics and technology was discussed! Disappointing as it was so half baked. I think Ted talks are best reserved for experts and not dabblers.

  3. bksingh2009 says:

    A complete nonsense of a talk. I think we attach far too much importance to “who is speaking” rather than “what is being spoken”. I managed to complete this talk only because I was expecting the Engineer in Mansoor Khan to speak up. But he is such a disappointment in field of Engineering, I love his movies though.

    Much before oil came in picture, when man used to hunt for a living, there were people like Mansoor who would have predicted the end of the world since animals were running out. And then came a genius who instead of asking others to eat less meat, invented agriculture.
    Even if man is not able to invent a credible alternative to oil in near future, it will at least start exploring oil fields which till now are considered unexplorable. For Ex: the Marina Trench, which is believed to be largest bucket of oil but its still not possible to explore that.
    And he is comparing Earth to a below average human being, who peak and then start declining. He is perhaps comparing comparing Earth to someone like Ram Gopal Varma or perhaps himself. Even if I were to make a similar comparision, I will at least compare Earth to some like Tesla, who was considered to be at his peak throughout his life. He too did die though, but he never decayed.

    What however, I do agree too, is the part about financial collapse. But even if we were never to get out of this collapse, it will just mean that we lose the current form of currency and some other form of currency will take its place.

    Earth might not live on forever – But I refuse to accept that Earth is no better than an average human being and will decay before dying.

    Mansoor sir, you could done so much better. After all you are an Engin

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am sure he thinks he has a point but it’s more like a fifth grader trying to make sense of this insane world…
    I literally stopped myself from closing the video several times hoping to find a golden nugget of sorts but when he said “the oil well starts slowly, then it’ll give me more oil, more oil, more oil”, that did it for me.
    When he’s trying to change the world, he should expect the audience to be treated with respect and be presented with some statistics based on which he came about with the curves…
    There is a lot of material online that effectively analyzes human conditioning/behavior and his relation to earth. Lookup Zeitgeist Movement or The Venus Project.

  5. Sudheer says:

    I agree – half baked theory

    He was the guest speaker for our MBA inaugural session.

    He had a presentation on this topic.

    Once in a while he tried to make it clear to us that he is not an environmental activist sorts … I was already confused whether my decision of joining an MBA course was right or not … he added fuel to the fire.

    He endlessly talked about exponential change in resource depletion and how quickly the resources are going to vanish. He warned us that we are leaving our children (BTW we are expecting our second kid soon) a dangerous planet and very few resources for their disposal

    He sounded like a doubter more than one who is sure about his theory. I think he is fearful of what is going to happen and he wanted to warn as many people as possible.

    Guess what … the next key note speaker was another master piece – telling us that IT Story of India is over and we are all in a big shit … Who else can be better audience than a group of IT executives signing in to an MBA course.

  6. I remember How I argued with Mansoor Khan over Dinner till midnight about his views on Global Warming and Third Curve.. It was educative ..
    I completely disagreed with Him as I believe this earth will never die as We Humans may die becoz we are alive..

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