VOTD : 7 minutes of Ashvin Kumar’s Inshallah, Kashmir : Living Terror

Posted: January 18, 2012 by moifightclub in cinema, News, Preview, video, VOTD
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Filmmaker Ashvin Kumar is ready with his new film titled Inshallah,Kashmir: Living Terror. He shared the preview of the film and posted this message on his FB wall recently –

We will bypass the Indian censor board and will be releasing the full-film online and free-of-charge for 24 hours at 12am, 26th of January 2012, India’s Republic Day.

The film contains shocking, heart-wrenching stories of the effects of brutality and terror by Indian armed forces and militants alike.

Click on the play button and do watch it. We are eagerly looking forward to its online premiere.

  1. debodeep chakraborty says:

    Every now and then we hear about the reports of jawans loosing their life in line of duty but sadly no one ever keeps a track of these kashmiri missing people. Yesterday in a tv program @ ndtv our so called intellectual minds of india were debating over the issue of building memorials for the martyrs of armed forces but what about the brutal killing done by them ? Are they martyrs or murderers ????? This is the big question that we need to answer ?????????

  2. Sumita Bali says:

    Very disturbing footage … I am a proud Indian and a proud Kashmiri – and I would have liked to believe that these things never happened , that Indian army in all its democratic glory respected the human rights of people of Kashmir – irrespective of their beliefs/ demands. But unfortunately I know, deep in my heart, that the atrocities committed in Kashmir are far worse than we can perhaps even imagine. Terrorists are expected to behave this way – what excuse does the Indian army have to be like this ?

    For me the sad thing is that i have to pick sides and the dichotomy of the situation is such that I can either be a proud Indian or a proud Kashmiri and there can be no overlap in this.

  3. Max D says:

    I wish someone made a film about the atrocities that kasmiri pandits had to go through.


    They used to say

    Asi gachchi Pakistan, Batao roas te Batanev san” (We want Pakistan along with Hindu women but without their men

  4. Shah says:

    What Ashvin Kumar is presenting here is not more than a tip of the iceberg but still a thank you from kashmir for such a bold presentation. The kashmiri people have suffered much worse than this. And there are many a thousands of cases like these which Ashvin kumar and nobody would be able to record/present, because many of the alike victims who have faced the brutality of Indian Armed forces either have been killed or completely disappeared.

  5. Sumita Bali says:

    @ Max D – i completely agree with you – there are 2 very tragic sides to the story of Kashmir. I still remember that night in Dec in 1990s when loudspeakers from the mosques were on all through the night inciting violence against ‘kafirs’ – my family being non-muslim was under threat as well and i also remember my mother putting me and my brother to sleep fully clothed with jackets and woollen socks etc as she thought we might have to run away from our home in the middle of the night if a mob tried to break in to kill us. Its been difficult to forget that – however having said that – all this doesn’t justify what army is doing in some pockets of Kashmir as well. I would like to believe that the elite armed force of my amazing country is working for the protection of its citizens – not faking encounters and killing innocent people, not detaining and interrogating people without any charge – this only breeds more hatred and alienation/ terrorism.

    Whichever side one takes – the only loser in this whole situation is the ordinary Kashmiri.

    • Imagine , Osama bin laden complaining how he was tortured by US army…
      Now , the same is being done for Kashmir militants..
      They have made a video explaining how Indian army has tortured them for doing militancy. Isn’t that funny?
      Well, if it had been US army , they wouldnt even alive to show up for this documentary.

  6. deathtomilitants says:

    agree with u Murali Kumarkumar. I do not see a problem in giving 3rd degree to a militant… a militant is a threat to the country and should be dealt with severely… Terriorists/millitants are not entitled to human rights as their line of work in itself is against humanity.

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