The Ghanta Awards are here – Celebrating the Worst of Bollywood

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Without expecting anything, we attended last year’s Ghanta Awards’ final event at Tian, Juhu. And it was a laugh riot.  We were there to cheer for a friend who was doing a stand-up act at the event but by the end, we almost had a heart attack. Nobody was spared, nothing was sacred and they didn’t crack any potty/farty jokes. So we have been eagerly looking forward to this year’s Ghanta Awards. Read on to know more about the Awards and the nominations of this year. From the press release…

The Ghantas celebrates and rewards the worst of Bollywood every year. The 2nd Annual Ghanta Awards will reward the Worst of Bollywood for 2011.

Every year, Bollywood takes our hard earned money and countless hours of life only to leave us feeling older, poorer and supremely frustrated. The Ghanta Award was created as a means to give back to these films, to give back to these film makers – to make them understand that they needed to try harder…

Such films and film makers deserve an award, and the Ghanta is that award.

The public vote for the Ghantas 2012 is now open. The ceremony will be in Mumbai in February 2012.

Why Ghantas?

The Ghantas were started by Prashant Rajkhowa and Karan Anshuman in 2011.

Lack of a refund mechanism in place in Bollywood. While there are good movies produced every year, there are several just want us to tear our hair out and dance naked at the Producer’s house demanding refunds. There are more than a dozen film awards to reward the good films but how many to reward the worst of Bollywood? Also, The Razzies are a glorious institution but unfortunately, even after 30 years, they don’t look at Bollywood at all. I think it is very unfair that the world’s most prolific film industry doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. So we decided to rectify the situation.

On what basis were the nominations decided?

Movies that made you want to kill yourself will obviously walk into the list. Also movies that made you want to gouge your eyeballs, slit your wrists, stab a puppy, shoot a dolphin. Movies that made you want to jump off a terrace – not so much, that’s not dramatic enough.

In order that there is a difference between “a bad movie” and simply “a movie I did not like,” we have a jury of film critics (newspaper writers, TV hosts and bloggers) to decide the nominees in each category. The final winners are then decided by a public vote.

Do you really think that these awards will teach Bollywood a lesson and they would make good movies in the future?

Wouldn’t that be counter-productive? If there are no movies to give a Ghanta to, what would we do? All we’re ensuring with these awards is that the film makers know that people do care – if you make a bad film, we’re going to call it a bad film and we’re going to award you for making bad films!

The 2nd Annual Ghanta Awards Procedure

1. Bollywood films released between January 2011 and December 2011 are eligible

2. The nominees in each category will be decided by our jury.

3. The final winners will be decided by a public online vote.

4. People will be able to vote using their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

5. And it all comes down to one night in February 2012 where we present the Ghanta Awards to the deserving winners.

And we plan to broadcast the entire ceremony live online – after all ollywood has touched lives around the world and it’s only fair that the whole world is involved in the show.

The 2nd Annual Ghanta Awards Nominees

Worst Film  –  1. Ra.One  2. Bodyguard  3. Ready  4. Mausam

Worst Holier-Than-Thou Movie –  1. Dhobi Ghat  2. No One Killed Jessica 3. That Girl in Yellow Boots  4. Memories in March  5. Shaitan

Worst Actor1. Salman Khan – Bodyguard, Ready

2. Shah Rukh Khan – Ra.One, Don 2

3. Ajay Devgn – Rascals, Singham, Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji

4. Sanjay Dutt – Ra.One, Rascals, Chatur Singh 2 Star, Double Dhamaal, Desi Boyz

5. Vinay Pathak – Utt Patang, Tere Mere Phere, Chalo Dilli, Bheja Fry 2

Worst Actress – 1. Kangna Ranaut – Game, Miley Na Miley Hum, Double Dhamaal, Tanu Weds Manu, Ready, Rascals

2. Nargis Fakhri – Rockstar

3. Jacqueline Fernandez – Murder 2

4. Gul Panag – Turning 30

5. Bipasha Basu – Dum Maaro Dum

Worst Supporting Actor

1. Tusshar Kapoor – The Dirty Picture, Hum Tum Shabana, Shor in the City

2. Prateik Babbar – Dhobi Ghat, Aarakshan, Dum Maaro Dum, My Friend Pinto

3. Anupam Kher – Every other film

4. Om Puri – Don 2, Khap, Teen Thay Bhai, Bin Bulaye Baarati

5. Shreyas Talpade – Hum Tum Shabana, Teen Thay Bhai

Worst Supporting Actress

1. Hazel Keech in Bodyguard

2. Giselli Monteiro in Always Kabhi Kabhie

3. Mallika Sherawat in Double Dhamaal

4. Charmy Kaur in Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap

5. Raveena Tandon in Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap

Worst Breakthrough1. Chirag Paswan  2. Rana Daggubati 3. Zoa Morani  4. Sarah Jane-Dias 5. Nargis Fakhri

Worst Director1. Anubhav Sinha – Ra.One  2. Anees Bazmee – Thank You, Ready  3. Pankaj Kapur – Mausam  4. David Dhawan – Rascals  5. Rohit Dhawan – Desi Boyz

Worst Rip-Off – 1. Don 2 – every Hollywood action film 2. Murder 2 – The Chaser  3. Desi Boyz – Full Monty + all Adam Sandler films  4. FALTU – Accepted 5. Ragini MMS – Paranormal Activity

Worst Couple

1. Kangna Ranaut and Ajay Devgn in Rascals

2. Kangna Ranaut and Sanjay Dutt in Rascals

3. Kangna Ranaut and Chirag Paswan in Miley Naa Miley Hum

4. Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri in Rockstar

5. Shahid Kapur and Sonam Kapoor in Mausam

Worst Song 1. Dhinka Chika 2. Jalebi Bai 3. Bodyguard title track 4. Dum Maaro Dum 5. Chammak Challo

WTF Was That

1. Akshay Kumar going to Oxford University in Desi Boyz

2. Ghost Rape in Haunted 3D

3. The unexplained science behind the science fiction part of Ra.One

4. Colourful holi song in the middle of a movie about Hitler & the holocaust in ‘Gandhi to Hitler’

5. How Sonam Kapoor & Shahid Kapoor don’t manage to exchange a measly phone number over 10 years in Mausam

Thats Anything But Sexy

1. 3 girls conned by Ranveer Singh’s looks and acting abilities

2. Ram Gopal Verma’s camera angles in Not A Love Story

3. Anything involving Kangana Ranaut in Rascals

4. Akshay Kumar as London’s most in-demand male escort in Desi Boyz

5. Any time Shahrukh Khan says “Junglee Billi” in Don 2

Click here, log in with your Facebook or Twitter and vote for The Ghantas. 

(Disclaimer – One of us was on the jury of the Ghanta this year and he honestly voted for all the worst things without watching single one of them. You might ask, what’s the point? Well, if Vishal Dadlani can get two nominations without even singing the song, why can’t we?


  1. @Rohwit says:

    I demand a category of ‘worst teasers’ as well.

  2. Josh Hurtado says:

    In a just world, Gandhi to Hitler would sweep these awards.

  3. bksingh2009 says:

    I find it quite amusing that on one hand you blast off film makers, left, right and center, when they lift an idea or a sequence or the whole movie itself, without giving any credit. On the other hand its not just okay for you, but you even go out promoting it when a bunch of guys copies another idea from US and passes off as their own. Nowhere in their whole website do they mention their inspiration behind the idea of ghantas… Rather, they try to give an impression as if bad movies made in bollywood is an inspiration behind such an award 😮

    I think the whole of India is like that and each and industry of ours suffers from this. Be it the tech, manufacturing, movie or even movie awards ;-)… And the google search has simplified this for most of the indians… Just do a search of how it is in india and do copy-paste job…We just expect others to be honest and innovative and we are perfectly fine in passing off other ideas as our own..

    Good Luck to the people behind ghantas

    • Filmmaker says:

      Dude, BKSingh. Chill. Everyone needs a laugh. And the Razzies are just that – a way for people to give off steam.

      Go with the flow, bro. Don’t take yourself or the Bollywood film industry too seriously and, trust me, your own personal / professional life will benefit.

      In film schools – where I studied and now teach – we always talk about the best (in awed whispers) and the worst (in more down to earth conversations) so there is nothing wrong in this endeavor.

      My thoughts, entirely. My $0.02

  4. Shazia Malik says:

    Okay, so where is Not a Love Story in the worst picture category!? Unless RGV is to the Ghantas, what Meryl Streep is to the Oscars.

  5. tejas says:

    Speaking of which, what happened to the Twi-fi awards?

  6. Fatema says:

    A very valid question considering everyone will want to vote for it – Why is Aarakshan not in the ‘worst-holier-than-thou-movie please?

  7. Congratulations to the Ghanta awards. Hopefully it will keep our film makers “real”.

    It a great way to vent once frustation on filmakers who waste 3 hours of our time.

  8. darcko says:

    You Indians are strange people. I am from Bulgaria and I saw how Shahrukh-Ra One/Don 2 make step up towards the prosperity of the contemporary Indian cinema. My kids to be interested in Indian cinema and India because of him. Salman is yours good actor.Surely there is something wrong with you.

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