Podcast : In conversation with ‘Shala’ director Sujay Dahake

Posted: January 24, 2012 by moifightclub in cinema, Indie, Interview, Podcast, Regional
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We have been thinking about starting a Podcast for a long time. And the excuses were many and like all other excuses, quite silly too. Finally, a bunch of us got together, got drunk and recorded a podcast khichdi-cast where about 10 people were raving, ranting and shouting at the same time. We discussed Sudhish Kamath’s film Good Night Good Morning, the angry post that he wrote, indie filmmaking and other such stuff. But blame it again on logistics that we still don’t have the access to the audio files. Hopefully we will sort out in a day or two.

I recently saw the marathi film Shala. It’s the directorial debut of 25 year old Sujay Dahake. Wrote a post on it and thought why not start a formal podcast with him. If you still haven’t seen the film, do watch it.

The idea of the podcast is to put focus on those films and people who don’t get much space in the mainstream media and to discover their stories.

Do tune in and let us know your honest feedback. Good, bad, fugly – everything is welcome. The audio quality is not that great and hopefully we will find a better solution soon.

You can listen here or click here to go the soundcloud page to have a better view.

You can directly jump to specific time codes if you want to skip other questions.

0:55 – Background. Cinema education.

02:50 – when the author Milind Bokil refused to give the film rights to him because of his age.

05:00 – And how he convinced the author.

06:26 – When 39 producers said NO. And world is not always fair to 5’4″ man.

08:10 – No hero, no heroines. How is the scenario in Marathi film industry?

10:00 – Difference between the book and the film.

11:50 – Is emergency just a tokenism?

13:44 – Casting actors. Workshops. And how to direct kids? 1600 kids auditioned for 40 actors.

16:00 – How do you shoot “i have butterflies in my stomach”?

18:00 – “Destination Versus journey” cinema.

19:40 – Foreign DOP. My teacher.

21:00 – The look, the colour and the logistics. Who is telling the story – my camera or your actors?

23:10 – Shooting in Archaeological Survey Of India protected area. Back to 70s.

24:40 – Making a film VS releasing it. We only knew about making a film.

27:30 – Subplots.

30:00 – No subtitles? Lack of judgement. Limited release.

31:00 – My average audience is in his 40s right now.

32:45 – Nothing new. But well told. Bothered?

35:20 – My age. My age. My age. It’s sounding corny now.

37:30 – This film is a completely social media product.

38:40 – And the producers are knocking at the door now.

  1. @supermankabaap says:

    the podcast is great.would like to hear more interviews!!

  2. PBS says:

    Good stuff.

    At some point it was like you were taking a job interview of Sujay, cross-questioning and all 😀

  3. kapil shivarkar says:

    The film had nothing new to say..it was far from a perfect film..but it had that unexplainable innocence to it..the feel good factor that made the experience of watching it worthwhile..

  4. Naveen says:

    Great one. Always nice to see an interview talking about the movie in depth, the background process. Keep more of them coming. Wan’t to watch this movie but not released here in south. Any help?

  5. sgm001 says:

    Wow .. pls continue such podcasts MFC .. awesome awesome awesome!

  6. dsantosh says:

    loved the Interview ….thanks Somen

  7. AJ says:

    Really insightful interview. Loved it. Keep doing more of those interviews. Goodluck

  8. who is the interviewer in this..whose voice is it? great interview must say..

  9. Manu Warrier says:

    Great work @moifightclub , finally got to hear it completely.

    Liked the part where he says “My age. My age. My age. It’s sounding corny now.” some genuine moments caught on voice, better than reading an interview.

    Hope more film makers / topics for podcast are on your future plans.

    Looking forward.

  10. vinjk says:

    just a suggestion…why dont you guys host weekly google plus hangout sessions. now G+ has Live On Air feature as well

  11. thedailytamasha says:

    Great podcast! And what a simple, sorted out director (much like the film). Though one compliment-loaded question I’d have loved to ask him and his screenwriter is how did he eliminate the ‘voice-over problem’ so common to book-adaptations, mainly books written in 1st person.

    The film has no voice-over except at the very end and that too is done very smartly. A great achievement. Would have been interesting to know how consciously this was done and whether they debated adding VO at places to give more of the book to the audience.

    (Can he answer it here, in comments?)

  12. Ashish Biswas says:

    God if only i cud have a rupee everytime the Interviewer went “Right… right” or “Hmm…hmm”.

    Dont do that dude.. it kills the interview!

  13. taj and shubhu says:

    shala picture is so nice but its ending is i dnt like

  14. lalit joshi says:

    awsome mvie, exact replica of my childhood, i suggest ki tya dogana mhanje joshi ani shirodkar yanna clg madhe ekatra romantic way ne shala2 madha dakhawla pahije, mhanje yacha part 2 banawla pahije ani love story purn keli pahije.

  15. […] Shala. We all loved the film, had recco-ed it (here) and did a podcast with the director (here). The film was lying in cans for sometime, got a limited release initially and then went on to […]

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