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Katha Centre for Film Studies : Curatorial Project Film Festival (Weekend Screenings from 18th Feb to 17th March)

Curatorial Project Film Festival is a part of the workshops on Film Curatorial Practices organized by Katha Centre for Film Studies and supported by India Foundation for the Arts.

– All film screenings are followed by discussions around films and the curatorial idea. The film screenings and discussions are open to all. No registration, no tickets required – just reach the venue and join us!


1. A bit of I, A bit of Me –  Curated by Afrah Shafiq.

Date : 24th and 25th Feb, 2012

Location : Edward Theatre, Kalbadevi and Whistling Woods International, Film City, Goregaon East, respectively

The programme includes a collection of documentary work that is in one way or the other a cinematic rendition of the self. These subjective truths with generous doses of reality, explore the practice where the filmmaker chooses to face the camera and implicate themselves in their own work and the teller becomes inseparable from what is being told.

Desperately Seeking Helen (Eisha Marjara, 81min, Canada)-  3:15pm, 24 Feb, Edward Theatre| 3:45pm, 25 Feb, Whistling Woods International

The Beaches of Agnes (Agnes Vards, 110min, France) – 5:00pm, 24 Feb, Edward Theatre| 10:15am, 25 Feb, Whistling Woods International

Summer in my veins (Nish Saran, 41min, India) 7pm, 24 Feb, Edward Theatre| 5:30pm, 25 Feb, Whistling Woods International

Unlimited Girls (Paromita Vohra, 94min, India) – 12:15pm, 25 Feb, Whistling Woods International

2. Emerging Voices of Indian Cinema – Curated by Manjeet Singh.

Unreleased Independent Feature films / Short films / Animation films. An attempt to probe into the challenges and delights of filmmaking

Date – 3rd March, 2012

Venue – Whistling Woods International, Film City, Goregaon East

Alms of a blind horse (Gurvinder Singh, 90min, India) – 10:15am

VideoKaran (Jagannathan Krishnan, 73min, India) – 12:00 noon

Hawa Anne De (Partho Sen Gupta, 93min, India) – 3:00pm

Carnival (Madhuja Mukherjee, 61min, India) – 4:45pm

3. Sonic Silences, Soundscape and Cinema – Curated by Geetha B.

The programme explores varied ways in which silence is used in films and the complexity of silence both in a philosophical and acoustic sense.

Date : 10th Mar, 2012

Venue : Whistling Woods International, Film City, Goregaon East

2001 A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 142min, USA ) – 10:30am

In the Mood for Love (Wong Kar Wai, 98min, Hong Kong) – 1:45pm

Satantango  (Bela Tarr, 60min, Hungary) – Selections from the film – 3:30pm

Siddheshwari (Mani Kaul, 123min, India) – 5:15pm

4. Food and Cinema –  Curated by Atika Chohan.

The programme looks at the centrality of food as  recurrent film theme and how imperative a tool it is to explore society, culture, tradition, race, displacement, immigration, current socio-economic concerns and politics; and further, since food-films marry cinematics and rhetoric so engagingly that it finds an instant  receptivity amongst both the lay and initiated audience.

Date : 17th March, 2012

Venue : Whistling Woods International, Film City, Goregaon East

The Cook the Thief his Wife her lover  (Peter Greenaway, 95min, France-UK)  –  10:15am

Silence of the Lambs (Jonathan Demme, 118min, USA) – 12:00 noon

My Dinner with Andre (Louis Malle, 110min, USA) – 3:15pm

Eat Drink Man Woman (Ang Lee, 124min, Taiwan) – 5:15pm

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– **Please note that screening times are subject to change in case of certain unavoidable situations.