Every Thing You Wanted to Know About Satyamev Jayate…

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…But were afraid to ask? Well, that doesn’t quite work out. Let’s say, But you were not sure whom to ask.

First came the teasers (Here, here and here).

And then came the official song where we saw Jesus Aamir Christ, who is here to save us.

But what is the show about? Well, like Aamir Khan’s movies, the show is also being guarded as a top secret. No details are being given out anywhere. And that’s why you don’t see anything about the show in the teasers or the song. But we suffer from a strange disease – the more you want to keep something as a secret, it makes us more curious. If you belong to the same tribe, we got all the answers for you. If you are not, skip the post.

– Satyamev Jayate is basically a chat show with guests and case studies from across the country.

– The first season will have 13 episodes out of which 10 have already been recorded.

– The idea is to pick one subject and discuss it from every possible angle – social, political, economic and such.

– The subjects include health, water, marriage, child issues (abuse and other), addiction and other social issues.

– The duration of each episode is 90mins.

– Each episode will end with a musical performance of a new song. All songs have been composed by Ram Sampath and lyrics are by Prasoon Joshi, Swanand Kirkire, Munna Dhiman and few others.

– The series is directed by Satyajeet Bhatkal (Aamir’s friend and director of Zokkoman) but every decision is taken by Aamir Khan. The final edit call is also his. Nothing is finalised without his approval.

– The series was earlier produced by Big Synergy. But they wanted to make it more commercial and Aamir wasn’t in favour of it. Currently it’s being produced by Aamir Khan Productions.

– Imran Khan and Sridevi will appear in two different episodes of the series.

– The pilot episode of the series was rejected by Aamir himself after it received negative feedback from test audience.

– The first episode is on girl child discrimination and female infanticide. Not sure if they have changed the sequence.

– Do expect lots of rona-dhona was they discuss sensitive issues. Aamir will be in full Oprah Winfrey avatar.

Anything else? If you have some more dope on it, the comment box is all yours.

  1. A says:

    One of my friends was invited for the show. Amir Khan gave him a laminated letter of thanks which he (the friend) proudly put up on his fb page.

  2. som says:

    Imran and Sridevi bit is news to me. Apart from it, everything else was out in media all along. By the way, there were 2 more teasers out (long ago, total 5) if you wanna link.

  3. Akshay says:

    i have attended the show in yash raj studios. Quite good. lots of rona dhona. We were given autographed mugs by Aamir 🙂

  4. Alloo Bhaaja says:

    overheard snide remark by Sid Basu on the show at a party (after the break-up with Aamir) –

    “f***ing show looks like krishi darshan”

  5. rishi grewal says:

    Isn’t satyajeet bhatkal the same lawyer friend of aamir khan who also filmed the making of lagaan? Lagaan-the lunacy of filmmaking? So then all calls must certainly have been aamir khan’s.And a 90 min show? That can be boring. Totally boring. Understandable if it is a movie or a sports match. But not a chat show. I think its going to be less of chat and more of showing ‘poor’ india issues with drop-tears-plenty- background music and aamir khan as a hope providing messaiah.Will pray that it is not and hope mr aamir khan doesn’t unintentionally show poor india in poorer light. Leave that to the documentary film people.They do a very good job of it and that is the right medium to voice those issues.But let us see what the perfectionist guy is upto.But I have little hope.

  6. vinjk says:

    wasn’t all these already shown on CNN-IBN?!

  7. kushan nandy says:

    wtf it is AAMIR way tis will end jst before release of Talaash which got little bit of word Satamay jayte…Wat ever he does has a timing ,meaning.

    • Prateek says:

      Well I don’t think this show is going to end just near Talaash. The show will last for 3 months only. Whereas Talaash is supposed to be releasing in November or December. So there’s no connection between the film or this show.

  8. fattiemama says:

    I’d much rather watch Ballika Badhu or some such *insert suitable adjective*. Or Arnab Goswami.

  9. SAdhu says:

    Prejudice !!!

  10. rishi grewal says:

    The script of talaash says it all.Not a great thriller.It could have been a seven.The director thought she was creating a masterpiece and behaved horrible with many people.She got a free hand because she was a co-writer on ZNMD.And the association with the production house.She has screwed it massively.Rest is make-repair.Which is happening now.Friendships and damages.But who cares.

  11. any dope on Anna making an appearance on this show. I somehow feel he will be a part of it

  12. Prateek says:

    Which Imran Khan will feature on this show? Aamir’s nephew? Or the Pakistani cricketer turned politician? [Aamir supported his cancer hospital, so this is why I wondered whether the Imran Khan is his nephew or the other guy]

  13. Ketan says:

    The show will also be on air at the same time across 9 tv channels, which is all the star network channels and dd. reportedly Samir had to bargain really had to get the Sunday 11am slot, which was the erstwhile mahabharata slot on dd.

  14. Rashika says:

    looking forward to watching this in South Africa

  15. Rashmi says:

    It seems it’s a good show….hope, it will atleast make many think about such issues. It’s nice to see him taking a step ahead for such good causes.

  16. Prasoon says:

    at least he tried something and the A*****ES who are comparing it with “krishi darshan”…what do you want? Some bollywood songs and some cheerleaders in dancing in the background with some skimpy clothes and showing cleavages!!

    At least he is not like other Bollywood actors who are not connected to grass roots…

  17. Bharati says:

    The show is eye-opening that we call our India spiritual and religious country go to temple pray to Ma Durga but kill Lakshami coming to our home. Go Aamir. Wish you very BEST for future.

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  19. Ragini sinha says:

    In my point of view this show is very big 4 understand the women problem.due to this show women get up 4 the right.I want to say Amir khan- vry vry thankxx………

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