First Look (Trailer) : Nikhil Mahajan’s Pune 52 (Marathi)

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In the last few years Marathi cinema has done everything that Hindi cinema wasn’t doing. And most importantly, tackling subjects which are rooted. As they say, if we don’t tell our stories, who will? A good marathi film is not a surprise any more. The question is how good it is? Here’s a trailer of a new film called Pune 52. And it looks damn interesting.

To quote from the official release, Pune 52 is a noir thriller about a private detective living in Pune circa 1992, whose life undergoes a dramatic change when he takes up a case that is both dangerously complex and deeply personal.

Starring national award winning actor Girish Kulkarni, Sonali Kulkarni and Sai Tamhankar, Pune 52 is set to release by the end of 2012.

It’s produced by the makers of films such as Valu, Vihir, Deool and Harishchandrachi Factory and is the debut feature of writer/director Nikhil Mahajan.

Here’s a small note by the director on the making of the film..

Like most middle class Maharashtrian brahmin boys, I went to do engineering after std. 12th. Took me 2 years to realize that I suck at it and another 2 years to convince my parents that I have to get out of it. So I dropped out and went on to work at Ramu’s factory as a screenwriter on a project that never took off.

I then went to Sydney and graduated in Film and came back. Got a job with the Hinduja Group’s In Entertainment as a writer where I was writing Tamil superhero films for a living. As much as I enjoyed doing that, I had to write a film about someone who aspires to be a hero. So started writing Pune 52.

Girish was the first person I approached to act in the film. He had doubts because of the content, but still was game for it. They were still shooting Deool then. I went to around 40 producers who all turned it down because it was too adult for the conventional marathi audience’s taste. Eventually Umesh and Girish decided to produce it themselves. And luckily the script got selected at Primexchange at IFFI. Then there was no looking back.

Its being shot by Jeremy Reagan, my friend from Film School and is edited by Abhijeet Deshpande. Stars Girish Kulkarni and Sonali Kulkarni and has background score by Hyun Jung Shim ( who composed for Oldboy) The film has 2 songs, composed by Atif Afzal who has done the music of the soon to release Prague.

For more information, film’s FB page is here.

  1. thedailytamasha says:

    Looks super. Marathi cinema may soon become the New York to Hindi cinema’s LA.

    And in Umesh-Girish Kulkarni I fully trust.

  2. fulltoofilmy says:

    Had meet Nikhil Mahajan years ago through a friend of mine in Aurangabad. Had watched a glimpse of his short film he had made at that time and no wonder it was a thriller shot in jungle. Really happy to see a guy from my city making it big in the industry. He is a good as lyricist too as again had a chance too listen to songs he had wrote and I still listen to them specially Shukriya.
    THANK YOU moifightclub (cliemasnob).

  3. Anurag Kashyap says:


  4. indeedDivya says:

    Damn! That was one Great Trailer! Going on my watchlist immediately… Thanks for letting me know about it’s existence…

  5. om79 says:

    Holy Smokes!! WOW!!!

  6. felinei says:

    wow awesome…need such films…nikhil,i remember havin enquired abt ifss school from you some 2 years back….this trailer hooks you n is totally uncliched…hope the entire film is like that.all the best.

  7. Jay Rao says:

    Enjoyed the trailer. I am sure the movie too will be great. All the best.
    Jay Rao

  8. chetan says:

    asa chitrapat kadhi ala nahi marathi film industry madhe, ha movie me baghnar ani mitrana hi baghayla lavnar..

  9. […] read the director’s note, click here for our previous post on the film. Share […]

  10. swapnil says:

    look is great….need more pramotion…..we can use mobile as media…..we can use people as media……great work

  11. Vaibhav Kanadkhedkar Aurangabad MS says:

    Nikhu….. Best of luck….dear…. Keep it up…… Hope… you remember your vaibhavdada (from topline dtp)…… God bless you……

  12. Smita says:

    disappointing . it almost seemed like the director was undecided on how to end this movie. A Marathi daily i its review said it matches Hollywood movie in smoothness, sadly that’s where the match ends. What about matching them in a stunning plot? Girish Kulkarni and Sonali Kulkarni are wasted . Sai Tamhankar has created a new definition for herself and you can expect her get offers to do certain kind of roles.

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