Vasan Bala’s Peddlers – Tracking all the Cannes buzz

Posted: May 22, 2012 by moifightclub in cinema, Film Festival, Indie, News
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Vasan Bala’s debut feature Peddlers premiered at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival in the International Critics’ Week section. This post is to track all the buzz from the Cannes – pics, videos, interviews, reviews and more.


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– An early review in French is here. Rated it 3.5/5 and to sum it up – I think this is a young director who can go very far if he continues this way.  (Thanks to Google Translate)

– Bikas Mishra of has reviewed the film here. Bikas is also on the Critics Week jury this year. To quote the last line few lines, Sidharth Diwan’s restless camera adds amply in capturing the life in the megapolis. Prerna Saigal’s editing is worthy of a special mention.

Vasan Bala’s Peddlers marks a very promising debut. I would be looking forward to his next.

– Another French review is here. To quote from the review, Bombay shines here in all its ambiguous charms , angles sometimes hard, dry, and always flattering that one has rarely seen. ( Again, via Google Translate).

– The Hollywood Reporter’s review is here.

– Film critic Christain Jungen tweeted his rating 3.5 stars. And calls it an atmospheric gangster movie from Mumbai, half Hollywood halfway Bollywood.

– Saibal Chatterjee reviews the film for The Sunday Indian. Click here. To quote from the review, Vasan Bala is clearly a talent to watch. The way he handles the characters, paces the narrative, uses music and creates the dark and disturbing backdrop against which the film plays out reflect the kind of grasp that augurs well.

The deft touches that he brings to the table lift Peddlers well above the level of run-of-the-mill gangster flicks. It isn’t, to begin with, a gangster flick at all.

– Another French review is here. This one is mixed.

UPDATE – 23/05/2012

– New French review which rated it 15/20 and to quote, That said, the director shows a sense of rhythm and creativity in the staging that might interest the Jury of the Camera d’Or. Peddlers is an Indian film that has nothing in Bollywood and is the work of a director in search of gallons, but already talented.

– To quote another review, Peddlers is located in-between a relative novelty in Indian cinema, somewhere between the sweet and colorful to a Bollywood film and the roughness of a gangster movie. Efficiency is “quasi American,” but the exceptional photography and the use of music we bring in a definitely Indian.


– The Hollywood Reporter interview is here – on How ‘Peddlers’ Reflects the Indie Spirit (Q&A).

– In Variety’s Spotlight on India cinema. Click here.

– VIDEO – Excerpt from Rajeev Masand’s interview for CNN IBN. Click here.

– Another interview is here.

– Another report in Hollywood Reporter – Indian cinema moves beyond bollywood.

We will keep updating this post as more reviews and features come out.

Click the play button to see the video of the screening and presentation.

Pics Courtesy – Siddarth Diwan (Film’s DoP), TheLostFilmCritic, Rajeev Masand

  1. Deepak says:

    superb.thanks for sharing.

  2. jhonmoy says:

    These posts make me happy!

  3. fattiemama says:

    MFC – Edit the post and highlight THIS too – “Good news,” said Tesson “Indian cinema is now fearless.” Tesson went on to single out Indian Critics’ Week sidebar entry Peddlers as “something we’ve been waiting for from Indian cinema for a long time.” From the ‘Cannes 2012: Indian Cinema Moves Beyond Bollywood’ article.

  4. Silverlightgal says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great post and pics. But can you tell us who’s who in those pics? Could only recognize a couple of faces in that lot.

  5. Super! says:

    Why dint you highlight Hollywood reporter too?….is it because he trashed it?…Why all the beautiful lines by the Indian reporters who want to push Indian cinema there?…one of which Bikas Mishra is Vasans friend…both went to Locarno together.

    Kitna favoritism hain yahan Kashap aur team ka yaar?

    • moifightclub says:

      Dear Super!,
      if you have been following this blog, am sure you have read posts by Vasan also. Of course Vasan is a friend. Infact he is a very, very good friend. Link toh daala hai na. If the review is negative, why should i highlight it? You do it. Nobody is stopping you. And ya, all the french people are also Vasan’s or our friend, right? Cool. And Bikas is friend of not only Vasan but all of us. And Bikas is also making his own film soon. So you can play your conspiracy theories. We will play what we like. Favouritism? Again, if you have been following this blog for a long time, you would have known. cheers

  6. Super! says:

    Dost if its getting 3.5/5 after being there then why its been there…and why the films in the side fest of cannes are covered so much that the main cannes film ‘Miss Lovely’…neither media of you want to cover it as good as you did for Udaan…why is that.

    …an about your friendship n love in the family n wotever…WOW!

    • moifightclub says:

      Abeyaar, tum baat samjhte nahi ho. bola na jigri dost ki film hai. is blog ke author ki film hai. About miss Lovely, toh bhaiyya aaj screening hua hau. AND FOR THE LAST TIME – we had put the first teaser, poster, trailer and news about the Miss Lovely FIRST here – before anyone else. Give us some damm credit!

  7. Super! says:

    chalo diya…thanx!

  8. nitin says:

    Here’s the link to bbc talking movies cannes special
    Starts off with news about Indian film at cannes…check it out…

  9. silver price says:

    The World Before Her , a documentary by Indo-Canadian director Nisha Pahuja won the World Documentary Competition while Café Regular, Cairo, a short film by Ritesh Batra won a Special Jury mention at the 11th Tribeca Film Festival.

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