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Shubha Shetty is a journalist and a writer who says she is still in the process of learning the art of diplomacy. Blurting out what she feels strongly about, and then repenting at leisure is how she kills her free time. Over to her now – An open letter to Anurag Kashyap.

I like people like Anurag Kashyap. This guy comes from nowhere and in spite of adverse conditions and zero support, with the sheer dint of an enviable amount of confidence and conviction, cocks a snook at the largely untalented and hence averse to risk film-makers. He does what he wants to. Without any compromise. Who doesn’t love an immensely talented underdog?

A decade later, his talent still shines bright. Watch Gangs of Wasseypur part I and you will need no further proof. And admirably he continues to use the power he has gathered over the years, in supporting other deserving film-makers.

But unfortunately, the very power has changed the man in a not so nice manner too. In recent times we have been witness to an unbridled bully, hidden inside this otherwise grounded man, rearing its ugly head once in a while This bully also attempts to cock a snook at his critics, but with not the same amount of confidence, also this one seems to operate more from ego than earnestness.

It is this bully who tells entertainment journalists that they shouldn’t care to criticise him because he has stopped reading entertainment supplements long back, but then we see him paying (?) and posing for an entertainment supplement of a leading newspaper.

I am more disheartened that this bully seems to be forcing entry into his films too. While Gangs of Wasseypur part II is excellent in parts as expected, you see unmissable traces of cockiness of the director in the form of self-indulgent long sequences and unexplained trail of characters.

To me, Kashyap now seems like this super brilliant boy from small town, an outsider, wasting his energy trying silly antics to just prove a point to a posh but mediocre group of city bred teenagers in college. I am concerned, like perhaps an old friend of that boy would be. After all, the friend knows that this boy can do wonders, only if he just stayed true to the genius that he’s blessed with.

But now that’s my opinion.

You decide which path you want to take, Mr. Kashyap. Do you want to be that all powerful, all successful film-maker who thinks he can sway people’s opinion by pushing his way through, with little help from his newly acquired sycophantic coterie or you want to continue being the awe inspiring film maker that you were, without wasting even an ounce of energy over thinking how powerful your craft and talent makes you.

You are already a successful and admirable man. It is time you stopped proving points to anyone. In the meanwhile, as much as I despise that bully inside you, I am still holding on to that faith I have on you. I am sure millions of others are too.

  1. Sir, When you have resources, money and support. Please make a good film “Mr. Kashyap”. Once, do it with your instincts- create what you want to. Put your thoughts without censorship and being censored. Without being in dichotomy of being something so badly. Let’s make a film “Mr. Kashyap” . Waiting for a good Film from you. Do it once atleast. You know, you have struggled a lot, proved your points but have not made a film worth watching. Thanks.

    And i find this site blind mouthpiece of your’s. i am just being true. Thanks Again.

  2. I think what a person does or says beyond his work should not matter as long as he is delivering his best in his work. There are times when people say things at the spur of moment and that does not mean that he or she is trying to prove any point.
    Let he man have some fun

  3. Anjali Singh says:

    @ shubha shetty
    Your moral lecture made me laugh out loud…..hahaha 🙂
    Regarding your bully opinion here is a quote from Bernard Shaw:
    “Heaven is full of boring people,the really interesting bullies are to be found in hell”
    Regarding your self indulgent opinion, here is a quote from Blake:
    “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom”.

    Inspiration which creates art is not a self righteous moral force…it is a bully and a hussy.
    Artists are supremely idiosyncratic,subversive pranksters….who have been poking fun at all things respectable since the dawn of civilization.

  4. Kumar Gautam says:

    This is from a well-wisher or a journalist or a true friend in disguise (rare in Mumbai) that’s for Mr. Kashyap to decide!!! Is he reading this? What’s his take…

  5. Duke says:

    Kya faaltu post hai.. kashyap ko samjhane ko theka le rakha hai kya tum logo ne.. abhi kashyap is blog par ek comment likh dega to tum writer/journos closet directors/scriptwriters ka nightfall ho jayega.. PFC ke baad ek blog hai yeh jahan kuchh dhang ka info milta hai.. usemein bhi faaltu ki mitti kar do yaar tum..

  6. Whatever says:

    You are already a successful and admirable man. It is time you stopped proving points to anyone.

    • Whatever says:

      Just to clarify – This is what makes the man what he is. With all of his idiosyncrasies. I adore him. I have no complains about his movies at all. Craft at its best. I never felt after watching any of his movies that something needs to be changed or added. No improvements required, period. I mean, come on, for god’s sake. Are you not watching Indian cinema or what? Do you seriously need to compare. Compare with anything, Indian or not. And then compare art. Van Gogh died unrecognized because fucktards were comparing him. Later they were like – Ah! what an artist. Khashyap is out there. You like him or you don’t. No mediocrity. If you do, good for you. Other wise fuck off. I despise what he has to cope with. And then I think – He shouldn’t give a fuck. That is why my previous comment. He proved what was ever there to be proven. Not to us, his fans, but to the shitheads our Indian cinema has been bestowed with. The B-the-fucking-ollywood.

  7. Anurag Kashyap says:

    got your point anyways.. this is your reaction to a 3 month old interview taken before the release.published today, badly edited , an hour long conversation reduced to staccato statements..

    i answer questions, questions asked are always accusations, so i say what i say.. you being a journo, recall how everyone does not ask me questions but throws accusations at me.. anyways great to know you are concerned..

    • Sanju says:

      Well Mr Kashyap..Isnt it great that how far and well people are following little introspection here and there shouldn’t bother you i wud say….You are doing a good job well atleast so far so good..and you are gonna do what you gonna do..All the best

  8. kabir says:

    this journalist reminds me of this fat girl Jane in this interview with Tarantino

  9. Prasun Banerjee says:

    If you are writing an open letter mind being a little more open ??? in terms of what you didnt like about the movie … all that i get from the post is that he is arrogant … thats all that you have to criticize him for ??? or was this written just to fish a response ?

  10. blah says:

    This reminds me of Ramu – look at everyone go after everything he does these days. The reason why his actions are so talked about, is because his films have stopped triggering conversations.

    But Anurag’s making good films. Right? Then why so serious?

    Why are we so afraid for the ‘underdogs’ ?

    Or is it not fear but an anticipation ? Because everyone changes into some sort of a narcissistic arrogant brat. Thats how it is. Right?

    This is stupid. Felt like I just watched a Madhur Bhandar film ka synopsis.

    **** ‘Director’ ****
    Coming soon to a theatre near you.

    PS: I am sorry if this was really meant to be a friendly advise kind of a thing. This is how it struck me.

  11. Super says:

    Anurag sir…ask your heart….and just say if She is wrong…cos its not only her and its not coming out of an individual article/ Interview…

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