First Look : Jaideep Varma’s Baavra Mann (Trailer)

Posted: September 18, 2012 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, Documentary, film, first look, Indie, News, Trailer, video
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After Hulla and Leaving Home (documentary on Indian Ocean), filmmaker Jaideep Varma is busy working on his latest documentary film, Baavra Mann. And here’s a trailer of the film.

Here’s more info on the trailer and the film from its youtube account – A trailer of the rough cut of the full-length documentary feature, “Baavra Mann – a film on Sudhir Mishra & other Indian realities”. A film not only on one of Mumbai cinema’s longest lasting and relevant filmmakers but through that prism on a declining cultural life in India.

Aha, finally some documentation of our cinema and some of its prominent voices. Whenever i think about Sudhir Mishra, i often wonder why is there no making of Hazaroon Khawshein Aisi. It’s such a terrific and landmark film, and has a great story behind it. That needs to be documented. Hopefully we will get to hear some bits in this docu.

This trailer surely looks interesting. Though my only concern is Sudhir Mishra is quite overexposed. If you have been tracking him or his films, you probably know everything about him. But it’s nice to see anecdotes about his personal life too. And the film seems to go beyond Sudhir Mishra and his films. So eagerly looking forward to it.

  1. Utpal Borpujari says:

    this is one film that looks like would be worth waiting for….

  2. Is that Shanti Hiranand singing “Bhor bhayi” towards the end of that clip?

  3. I am a huge fan of ‘Leaving Home Life and music of Indian Ocean’ and seeing this trailer, I am sold.

  4. Intrigued by the promo, also Loved Leaving Home absolutely. Do inform when and where will it be released or screened … looking forward…

  5. Saw the film this Sunday during its premiere at Siri Fort as a part of the Centenary Film festival… Its Terrific. So well researched and so well made… Loved it totally.
    And one thing that I felt watching the movie, which was later also underlined by Jaipeep Varma himself during the post screening discussion was that its a movie less about the life of Sudhir Mishra and more about, and I am quoting him verbatim here, “How screwed up we really are”. As a Nation, as a society and also as an Industry. Sudhir Mishra is mostly the protagonist of this film whch tells the story of the development of our cinema in last 25 years. Where we are and where we could have been.

  6. Does anyone have any idea when the DVD of this film will be available? I’m a huge fan of Jaideep’s work and this looks very, very interesting.

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